The Only Thing Worse Than a Sinkful of Dirty Dishes….

…is a sinkful of dirty dishes that YOU CANNOT WASH!!!

Because you have a block somewhere deep down in your sewer line…

That you discovered whilst trying to get a houseful of six ready for church early this morning…

And consequently were freakishly late to worship, but that was ok;

And despite your good-looking, resident handyman heading to the Lowes and picking up a “snake” (after worship of course),

And subsequently wrestling with the beast in the sewer line for a couple hours…

The clog is still there…rendering not only Abigail’s shower and toilet unusable;

But also the Laundry Room sink and of course, clothes washer;

Plus the precious kitchen sink and it’s next-door neighbor, the dishwasher

(Which, despite being thirty-something years old is still a highly valued part of your household. And you miss it. And apologize to it for ever entertaining the idea of thoughtlessly replacing it with one of those modern, pleasingly quiet models, which actually also clean and sanitize dishes much better than it ever will again. But now it cannot even have water run into it to rinse those dirty dishes)

And so your huge pile of food-caked plates, bowls, cups, pans, and utensils is laughing at you,

Which leaves you wondering which of the remaining functioning bathtubs would be most appropriate for cleaning all these mocking dishes.

But, on the bright side, this whole crazy situation is bound to result in a few shed pounds, on account of all the running back and forth from the kitchen to the master bath on the other end of the house, for every time a cucumber needs rinsing, utensil needs washing, or your hands have to be cleaned due to handling raw meat.

Needless to say we will happily pay the $15 additional fee to our plumber tomorrow for coming to visit us on a holiday, because it will hopefully mean we can use all the sinks and large washing appliances in our home again.

And now I have to close this little entry – and go splash around in my soaking tub with the Lemon Fresh Joy.

Happy Labor Day!!

7 Replies to “The Only Thing Worse Than a Sinkful of Dirty Dishes….”

  1. Wow. I’m surprised the snake didn’t work, and doubly surprised that I didn’t get a call.

    Not that I know what’s wrong, but anyway…

    Did you use a hand-powered one, or the full-size electrical monster?

  2. Yeah, I actually got a 20 foot snake down the thing (powered by my drill), but the clog was almost on the other side of the house and there was no clean-out valve.

    The guy fixed it this morning with this 200 foot monster via the roof vent. Sounded like the house was being torn down.

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