The Long Drive

This coming Thursday, we’ll head out way too early in the morning to drive to my folks home in Flagstaff, AZ. The goal is to do the trip in one long drive… looking at it on the map, I’m starting to feel like I may need to have my head examined. Preparations were a little larger than the normal family trip given that the first item on the check-list was to buy a minivan. What a great time to buy a used car, though. Prices have really come down significantly in the past few months. We found the right vehicle just over a week ago. Though it had a good bit more mileage on it than we were targeting, the price was terrific. Being inherently distrustful of previous owners, I had it serviced (oil, alignment, check the belts/filters/coolant/etc.) this past weekend and it is now ready for the road. My brother has loaned me their portable TV/VCR, and we are putting every Veggie Tale and Winnie the Pooh video we have on few 6-hour VHS tapes. We figure continuous, mind-numbing entertainment is our best bet at helping Jonathan (11 months old) and Abigail (not quite 3 years old) make the trip.

3 Replies to “The Long Drive”

  1. Nice-looking vehicle! If you get cold feet about making the trip in one day, we’ll still be here on Friday. See you soon. (BTW, we may be getting snow tomorrow, but it doesn’t sound like much.)

  2. I speak from experience…

    90 minute Disney video, take a break, 90 minute Disney video, take a break.

    Repeat until you get there…

    Have a safe trip!

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