I got nothin’. A big fat nothin’ for you tonight, so sorry, Dear Readers!  I feel the lamest blog post I’ve ever written coming on right about now.

I know that I promised more Halloween photos…but it’s late, and I am too lazy to choose from among the bazillion shots we have of our cherubs in their Star Wars garb. Maybe tomorrow.

I cooked tonight, and the food was fine, but there were no recipes worth sharing.

Our boys tested in front of a panel of judges for yellow belts in Tae Kwon Do today.They did very well, and we are super proud of them.  I’d love to show you the awesome video of the event, but once again…don’t feel like downloading the video to share with you just now. Actually, wait….that’s a lie; I can’t download the video without the help of my Super Techie Guy and he’s too into his new book to break concentration just now.

I am planning to try making my own homemade yogurt this week…but I don’t often blog about what is going to happen; I chronicle what has happened. So I can’t really write about that, now can I?

Well, I guess I could point out the very positive observation that in 14 consecutive days of posts, this is the first one that felt like a throw-away (to me) so that is something.

So, before I ramble any longer, I choose instead to bid you goodnight, and hope you that you enjoy a blessed and worshipful Lord’s Day tomorrow!!

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  1. Yes, he does, in fact he mentioned it as soon as I suggested the idea to him. I think he might be more excited about trying out this yogurt-making thing than I am! At least he keeps pestering me about when I’ll be whipping up my first batch!

    This is yet another childhood experience Jay and I have in common; while we lived in Saudi Arabia, my mother also made yogurt for our family to eat. I cannot recall if it was due to the scarcity of the stuff, the quality (or lack thereof) of what was shipped in, or perhaps of how pricey it might have been over there. Maybe Mom will weigh in here with her own commentary on the matter!

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