Santa’s Village

We had a few Christmas type outings on our calendar for the month of December. Given our incredible bout with the flu (maybe we’ll write more about this later – it’s why we haven’t been blogging lately) many of our plans went out the window but early in the month we were able to attend TNPC’s Festival of Lessons and Carols, and the next Sunday night we took the children to our local Santa’s Village.

It’s an entirely free (unless you purchase snacks) Christmas wonderland for kids, put on by various companies and city organizations. There are about 20 small structures: Santa’s firestation, Santa’s Library, Teddy Bear Shop, Post Office, etc which kids and their parents can tour, and enjoy some activity inside pertinent to the building’s theme. There are musical performances and puppet shows to enjoy, and lights and decorations everywhere. While we stood in a long line waiting to take the obligatory picture with Santa, we were delightfully entertained by a juggler who was quite good. The kids loved him perhaps more than Santa! (Nicolas refused to sit with Santa this year!) We also all enjoyed a well-done marionette performance.

Anyway, we would like to share our pictures from our outing with you. Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Santa’s Village”

  1. It looks like Jonathan is not entirely confident about sitting in Santa’s lap. Did he balk at first? If so, he’s showing great bravery!

  2. As you well know, Jonathan is generally suspicious of anyone he meets for the first time. So the fact that he deigned to sit on the strange Santa’s lap was, I guess, an accomplishment for our little shy boy!!

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