Ranger’s Game!

We are taking full advantage of the library’s summer reading program, and are loving the freebies the children are earning just by enjoying a good book….or two…or twenty-two!  To date, the four of them have a combined total of over 150 reading hours (the ones they’ve actually logged).

On Sunday night the six of us took advantage of the children’s free tickets, and the half price discounts for all parents, and went for the first time as an entire family to one of our local Rangers’ games, and it was great fun!


Much to the kids’ delight, it was $1 Drumstick night, so we even splurged and bought everyone an ice cream!!


It was a stellar game: our home team started things off with a bang by hitting a home run the very first time up to plate. The play stretched into twelve innings before our Rangers defeated the Twins when the same player hit another homer to bring in another couple runs to wrap things up. Given we had a 3 year old in our party


we left after eight innings, while the game was tied.  But we were thrilled to hear things ended so well!! A huge thank you to the library’s wonderful summer reading program – what a wonderful treat this was!


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