Pumpkin Carving

For whatever reason, we neglected to carve a “jackety-lantern” (Nicolasism) last year for Halloween. We made up for it this year by creating two! I am not the most artistic when it comes to pumpkin-carving, but I branched out and added eyebrows to one pumkin’s face for the first time ever. Oh, I know, I am a crazy girl!

I had two assistants: one who diligently removed all the stringy mess and seeds from inside the pumpkins, and one who alternated between cheering on our efforts and proclaiming how disgusting the insides of the pumpkins smelled to him! I’ll let you decide who did which job.

Pumpkin carving and removing of the pumpkin innards:


I call this pumpkin “Scarface”:


I guess the pics sorta give away who did which parts of the “work” of pumpkin carving.


Here’s the one we called “Happy Jack”:

And finally my two little helpers on our front porch:


One note: Lately, for whatever reason, when we export pictures to the hard drive to drop into blog posts, they sometimes “fuzz out”…become very blurry in comparison to the original shot. Despite fiddling with them to try to compensate, I have not completely corrected the problem, so I will ask my techie guy to see if he can solve this issue soon…for now please accept my apologies for the fuzzy pictures!

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  1. Abigail is a trooper. She can be on my team any time. Oh, and if we need a mascot, Josiah’s in 😀

    That is one happy pumpkin; nice job, Trish!

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