Procrastination Demonstrated

Alrighty, folks! I admitted to you a couple posts back that I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator. Despite being immensely freeing to admit this truth to the bloggy world, this declaration also explains why I am just today finally posting Halloween pictures of my little Star Wars children.  Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to finish up the last of the Halloween chitter chatter, if not the last of the Halloween candy (four large ziplok bags of which sadly still fill my pantry and often drop out on my feet when I open the door – sigh).

Thanks to Jay’s new job at Epsilon (oh, what a blessing to have income again, folks, after such a long time without!) the children enjoyed not one but two evenings of candy-gathering!!

Epsilon’s many different groups get together and decorate their particular areas of the office in a theme for the kids to come walk-through as they pile tremendous amounts of sweets into their Halloween bags. I wish I had thought to take my camera so I had pictures of some of the creative set-ups to share with you! There was a Dr. Suess-land, Pajama Party, Super Heroes, Circus Time, and many others.

The employees got further into the spirit of it all by dressing up to coordinate with their “sets” and the costumes were really great.

Our kids spent over an hour trick-r-treating with sweet family friends (here is the group of 8 kiddos all decked out):

Epsilon 0001

and it was a really great time.

Epsilon 0019

On Saturday the kids donned their Star Wars apparel again, and prepared for a night out around the ‘hood. We enjoyed seeing some of our smallest neighbors first:


Our sweet-as-anything Mrs. Jean from next door decked out in her Halloween best:


and then we posed for a few pictures:


The fearsome Darth Vader:


Gorgeous blue-eyed Jedi Luke Skywalker:


Pretty Princess Leia:


And of course the cutest “Baby Yoda” as the other kids called him…I took about a thousand photos of this munchkin:



Following in his big brothers’ footsteps, Yoda insisted on staying in character all. night. long. Which meant he ran from house to house all night hunched over Yoda-style (this slowed things down just a bit for the other kids) just like:


I think we can safely say that Halloween is now officially over…May the Force be with you all!


4 Replies to “Procrastination Demonstrated”

  1. Very cute–definitely. And well chronicled, if I may say so.

    I might be the last one to notice this, but in one (or all!) of those Yoda pictures, Josiah bears a striking resemblance to our little cousin-link Isaac, yes? Cuteness, to be sure.

    PS-Mark made us all pick out 10 pieces of candy from our lootbag and then he made us throw the rest away. Mean! Anyway, if you’re lookin’ to share the goods, you know where you can find help…ahem.

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