Our New Picnic Table

Late this winter, before all the layoff business, Jay made a promise to build us a picnic table for eating on the deck. But with the loss of his job we instituted a “no unnecessary spending” policy and try as we might, we could not justify the expense of the materials for the longed-for table, no matter how practical, and inexpensive a solution it was. However, certain folks in the house were still hoarding some Visa bucks they’d received as Christmas money, and after very careful consideration felt the picnic table was the most worthwhile cause they could come up with just now to use their money on. So yesterday morning Jay went on his way to Home Depot to gather all the wood and hardware necessary for his creation.


He (and his trusty assistant, Nicolas) worked many long hours yesterday and today,


and just before dark this evening, the table was finished.


Finished except for a coat of protective stain/sealant to hopefully help it last through many ridiculously hot Texas summers.


We celebrated the table being finished…


by eating our colored Easter Eggs on it this evening


just before putting the children to bed for the night.


What a wonderful table!!

4 Replies to “Our New Picnic Table”

  1. Nicolas looks like both an able helper and the project historian with his camera around his neck. Good work, guys!

  2. Has anyone else noticed Jay’s increased propensity for home woodworking projects since the layoff?

    It really is a great table. Top notch, Horne men.

  3. Peter, it’s funny, but one of my goals as an unemployed man who rather enjoys being productive was to be careful to NOT channel my energy into a bunch of tasks that have nothing to do with the job search.

    The temptation to do so is real, because they are tasks that have closure and give a real sense of accomplishment, while the job search is open-ended and lacks a definitive sense of progress (until, with one single job, it becomes a success).

    On the flip side, an occasional successful side project is very therapeutic.

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