Odds and Ends

Given I have stayed fairly busy recently, combined with a serious lack of fodder for interesting entries, I have not posted much this month. But here are a few little updates from House of Horne:

*I have had great intentions of starting the promised House Tour. But several weeks ago I (aided by our stupid computer) accidentally fried the SD card from our camera which made taking new photos a bit of a challenge. We just purchased a new card, so I hope to get to that little task soon. In the meantime, to all three of you who have been waiting anxiously for “after” shots, thank you for your great patience!!

*While frying the aforementioned card, it would appear I also inadvertently destroyed ALL the video footage taken during the weekend surrounding The Wedding. We are so diligent about downloading photos very regularly from the camera; but apparently not so much with the video.  There is an effort underway to locate someone who might be able to recover this precious film for us. Here’s hoping….

*We are very much enjoying home schooling (most days!), and are thankful for this blessing in our lives.

*Soccer, Football, and Volleyball seasons have all wrapped up: Basketball is now upon us, and both boys are planning to play for the first time.

*Abigail and Jonathan are delighting us with Christmas duets at the piano…ringing in the season a little bit early.

*Nicolas’ reading skills have taken off, and we are thrilled to see him starting to plow throw simple chapter books at a startling pace. Which reminds me anew what a blessing it is to be able to read and discover whole new worlds via good literature.

*Potty-training efforts are underway with the youngest. While our older kids were all fully trained before age three, I just have not felt as motivated with Josiah.  Maybe it’s a case of the Mommy desperately holding onto the last vestiges of babyhood? Regardless, I calculate that we have almost three years before he’ll have to go to Kindergarten..hopefully he’ll have the potty thing figured out by then!

*Even in Texas, winter is approaching, and we are cooking appropriate cool-weather fare.  This past weekend, Abigail and I baked the first apple pie of the season. It is so much more interesting-looking than any pie I’ve ever made, thanks to our little artist:


*Another harbinger of the winter season (not nearly as pleasant as apple pie) also appears to have manifested itself in our home: the dreaded stomach virus!

*Lastly, Jay’s company is having a real “Start-Up” moment… and it is not clear what the future holds at all. While this is admittedly worrisome, I am reminded especially at this time of year to be so thankful for the many good gifts in our lives. We are indeed richly blessed.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.”

~Psalm 118:29

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  1. I can bear happy witness to the piano duets, the growing skill in reading, the progress in potty-training, and the artistic and delicious apple pie. The last two items in your list speak to the subject of a small book I recently started, *Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment*, by Jeremiah Burroughs. Your verse is very appropriate!

  2. That pie is nothing short of awesome.

    Also, we’re praying for our Horne family; we’re looking forward to actually spending time with all of you, even if we have to leave town to do it 🙂

  3. Hi Trish, Have had fun browsing all the Brunone family news, but where are the parents, ie the grandparents, aka Nancy and Dom. Have lost their address and phone numbers…are they still in Houston…retired? Could you email me info.Would love to catch up with them.
    We have retired to Bend OR and are doing well, rejoicing in the Lord’s many mercies
    Carla Spence

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