Nicolas Comes Out of the Closet

Well, after 3 1/2 months of sleeping in his pack ‘n’ play, Nicolas finally made the move to his “Big Baby Nursery” last night. He did fine and slept a total of 11 hours (what a kind little boy!).

Though it sounds awful at first hearing, when Nicolas first arrived, we set up his p’n’p in our master bedroom closet. The closet is fairly roomy, with an air vent, and it allowed him to be close by for middle-of-the-night feedings, a definite perk for me.

However, Nicolas chose to begin sleeping through the night at 3 weeks of age, so after that milestone, there were not too many occasions when I needed to feed him in the wee hours of the morning. Logically, we could have moved him on to the nursery a month or so ago, but I think we have found it fun to have him close by. (Not everyone can say their baby sleeps in the closet.)

Then there was the issue of a third “baby” monitor (Abigail and Jonathan are already each on a separate one) which we’ve just now reacquired after sending ours back to the company for repairs. How many people do you know who have three separate intercoms in their bedroom at night? Hopefully if one of the kids does wake up, Jay and I will not feel disoriented and mistakenly stumble into the wrong child’s room!

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  1. I don’t blame you! It sounds innovative, actually. We had Bailey on our tummies for the first month (she wouldn’t sleep on her back and I was afraid to put her in the crib on her stomach). Then we moved her into her car seat at the foot of our bed – she had reflux bad and had to sleep almost sitting upright. She started sleeping 10 hours a night in that. Once she spit out her paci at two months and found her thumb we moved her into her bed. She did 10 hours until 6 months when she started the 12 hours at night.

    I say whatever works! 🙂

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