Baby Makeover

Little Nicolas is almost two and as he’s been sporting a headful of white blonde curls for awhile, we decided it was time for a bigger boy haircut. Today was the day. We went to our usual kid haircut place, complete with Blues Clues videos for watching and firetrucks and other vehicles/animals for children to sit in/upon while being “shorn”. Our “baby” aged incredibly in the space of about 10 minutes but we think he looks very handsome with his new ‘do! Here are the before and after pictures. And thanks very much to the Pecks and Clemmons for helping entertain our other children while they waited!

5 Replies to “Baby Makeover”

  1. Very handsome, indeed!

    Here is a little poem for the occassion:

    I placed my boy in the barber’s chair,
    To be shorn of his ringlet’s gay;
    And soon the wealth of his golden hair
    On the floor in a circle lay.
    –Author unknown

  2. Yeah, you sure don’t want any gay left in those ringlets; give the kid a fighting chance!

    Nicolas, you’re quite the stylin’ dude there. Maybe you can give your cousin a pep talk when it’s time for her first haircut (which may not be for a while yet)…

  3. Angie, thanks for visiting and for your kind words…

    Leslie, I LOVE your poem. It is wistful-sounding and poignant, and rather sums up my feelings about cutting my baby’s hair!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Peter, you are a funny guy. Thanks for the compliments, and maybe we can take the cousins together next time!

  4. Oh my! We haven’t been online to check our favorite blogs since we left town early May 24. We’ve been catching up tonight since we got home, and are in shock–maybe we didn’t really believe it would ever really happen. Is it just the picture, or does Nicolas now look a lot more like Jonathan?

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