New Pets!

On Tuesday mornings the children and I head over to our home school co-op. While there, they take classes in various subjects from teachers who are wonderfully nurturing as well as experts in their field – we theoretically could have signed up for endless classes, but limited our choices to some arts, science, and a Kindergarten concepts class for Nicolas.  Which has been a real hit.  He is enjoying his sweet class with nine other K-ers, and they have been studying worms these past two weeks, much to his delight.

The highlight of the unit on worms was yesterday: at the end of class, each student was gifted with his own “worm habitat” which comes complete with two of the little critters inside!! For those of you who are wondering, “worm habitat” appears to be a fancy term for a box of dirt and newspaper shavings – observe:


The addition of two worms to the household means we are now up to five pets, almost a zoo by most standards, but still admittedly not nearly as lively or exciting as Melissa’s house of pets (though I don’t think even they have worms yet)!!  Nevertheless we all gotta start somewhere. And so I give you the two newest additions to our family:

Indiana Jones and “Short Round”. Here they are in their habitat posing next to the worm breakfast of champions.


And here is one of the little guys sticking his head out for a peek at us…I’m not for sure, but I think that is Indiana.


So Melissa, if you’re reading, I feel your pain, Honey, I really do. Jay has already laid plans and is quickly executing on a project to bring even more wildlife into this house. About which I shall have pictures and info aplenty to share next week. So maybe you and I could see about going in on a nice, little pet-free cottage somewhere? Some quiet place with no wildlife, no poop, where we would bask in the peace and quiet and CLEANLINESS of it all….and then more than likely become bored silly in a matter of minutes!

6 Replies to “New Pets!”

  1. Hey Trish…
    We have the best pets around. Know why? They are caterpillars and when they grow up (which doesn’t take very long, thank goodness!), they fly away! Goodbye, Freckles! Well, right now we have Lilly, Tiny, and one more whose name I’ve already forgotten. Whoops! Oh well, he’ll be gone soon!

    The only drawback I can see to the worms is that THEY ARE ON YOUR BREAKFAST TABLE, TRISH!!!!

  2. How long are the little guys supposed to last in the “habitat”? I hope Nicolas enjoys them until their time with you is over.

  3. Y’all are funny.

    Mom, despite being secure, the two little guys appear to have made a getaway. Maybe they didn’t like Honey Nut Cheerios after all?

    Angie, thankfully they were ON THE DECK (not our breakfast table) when they vanished.

    And Jennifer, I have no clue. But we have two new ones courtesy of the teacher. Maybe they’ll stick around longer – Nicolas is trying Cocoa Krispies and lettuce in case that is more to their liking. 🙂

  4. Hey, with Nicolas’ keen business sense, maybe he should start a worm farm and sell live bait to local fishermen. I’m sure Grandy would advise him!

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