I’m back home after a second weekend in a row of travelling. Hopefully I’ll have a post up about that soon.

It’s VBS week. I stuck to last year’s resolution, partly because I did not have a desire to put Josiah in the nursery for three hours each morning for a week, and partly due to a general sense of feeling overwhelmed. Instead of signing up to teach or help during the week, I opted for some administrative work prior to the actual event, which would still be a bit of help to those coordinating, but not put me at risk for having to back out again due to illness with children. And, it’s a good thing I did: Josiah has himself a very yucky cold, severe enough that he should not be around other wee ones. The two of us have cherished our little mornings together this week – he being the fourth child does not get as much one-on-one time with Mommy as perhaps his older siblings did. We even kidnapped a certain Grammy earlier today and enjoyed some breakfast with her.

Recently I relinquished a leadership role at church which I have held for some time – heading up our TLC (Tender Loving Care) Ministry, which provides meals to members and visitors going through times of hospitalization, illness, bereavement, welcoming a new baby, etc. This is a ministry I have always loved, and I have gladly served here, but recently opted to “give notice” due to a need to take a break. I have prayed for a few months for a replacement(s) and just today I received news that someone has stepped forward and asked to help serve this need in our church body. I am so very thankful for them, and for this answer to prayer.

Well, my messy house could use some of my attention, so I’m going to stop rambling, and start straightening!

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