More Surgery…

It’s been quiet here at House of Horne – not much to write about, because last week the Daddy had a big ole sinus surgery. On Valentine’s Day of all days. Highly romantic! (Poor Jay!)

Many of you are aware that Jay has an alarming propensity toward sinus infections, and gets sick quite often despite many precautionary measures and allergy meds. Well, after ongoing consultations with an ENT, it was determined that Jay had a deviated septum, among other issues. Last Wednesday, the surgeon went in to remedy that, excavate his sinuses and do a bit of other work, which perhaps Jay himself will detail for you later.

Post-surgery, Jay went to the wonderful guest quarters at his folks’ home to recover. While the children and I missed him for those 3 days, he was comfortable (as comfortable as someone who has had major sinus surgery can be!) and cared for at John/Ruth’s, and we are convinced it significantly aided in his recovery. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) The doctors wanted Jay to move, bend, DO as little as possible after he got home. Any tiny movement those first few days served to increase the bleeding post-surgery. So, being in a place with lots of quiet, and no bouncy, albeit loving little children around, served to help in healing.

Anticipating Jay’s return home sometime this weekend, we set about preparing a surprise for him: I used my time in the evenings after the children were in bed, and some of the daytime, to prime and paint our front entry hall, which was an interesting shade of brown when we moved in. We wanted to brighten and lighten it up. Here is the way it used to look.


The children worked very hard on a homecoming sign for their Daddy which we strung up in the freshly painted hall, to greet him as he came through the front door. At his request we took no pictures of the surgery patient, but here is what he saw:


And here is a shot of the door with that same little boy standing in front of it!


After the moldings/door are painted a fresh white and the light fixture is replaced, we will be all finished in the hall!

We’ll keep ya posted on the patient’s recovery. It is wonderful to have Jay home again, though we are sorry he continues to have really hard nights with little sleep achieved. All the kids are eager to “help” make him feel better, so they are thrilled to be able to see him all during the day. For now, we are limiting visits, and saying “please be gentle!” quite a lot! But readers, I must close: I think I need to bring our patient some yogurt!

4 Replies to “More Surgery…”

  1. Welcome home, Jay… too bad you couldn’t join us at Presby!

    All buttery and yummy looking.

    Thank you for not including pictures of the patient, or I might have had to wonder how that applied.

  2. Thanks, Ladies for your compliments. I am really enjoying the fresh and bright look!

    Pete, I’ve never yet thought of Jay as both buttery and yummy looking all at once…but hey, there is a first time for everything!

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