Just Another Medical Post…

I love our pediatrician’s office. Our doctor is great, his nurses are compassionate and oh so competent, even the tech who comes to poke my poor children and draw blood is sweet as can be. (Except for that nasty needle of hers!)

We love Dr. D so much that in the past three weeks, various of our children and I have visited his office six times. Most recently it’s become something of a habit: we went this past Friday as well as yesterday, talked to the man over the weekend as well as last night and this morning. Given all that’s been going on in our family, they have been keeping close tabs on us, and we are grateful. Yet when Josiah’s fever broke sometime last night, we figured that would be it for awhile – after all, they do have other patients!

But tonight as we cleaned Josiah up from supper, we were rather horrified to see giant welt-like hives covering large patches over most of his body. We phoned into the office immediately, leaving our number on the pager, not knowing which of the doctors might be on call overnight, and within 30 seconds our favorite pediatrician’s # popped up on our caller ID. Which was a relief because we didn’t have to offer extra explanation and background on the past few weeks’ happenings…

Well anyway, it is of course an allergic reaction, but it doesn’t look serious, and after adminstering some children’s Benadryl and an oatmeal bath, the worst of the hives have subsided. We’ll give another dose tonight per dr’s orders, and keep a close eye on Josey. Dr. D tells us he’s standing by…on call all night, so just phone if we need him. Oh, I hope not!!

Tonight, we are giving thanks that Josiah appears to be rid of the horrid fever that ravaged his little body for so many days and nights. To say we are tired is putting it mildly, but we are so happy to see our little boy already more himself, playing and even having himself a good healthy temper tantrum earlier this afternoon over absolutely nothing.

So, don’t get too expectant, but maybe, just maybe…soon we’ll have something to share here that has nothing to do with fevers, viruses, hives, or doctors….

2 Replies to “Just Another Medical Post…”

  1. Wow. You kids know how to party.

    I’m glad to hear little Josiah is bouncing back yet again; hopefully you’ve seen the last of this for a while! We continue to pray for the health of all your little ones, not to mention you big ones…

  2. Tricia,
    We’re so happy to hear that Josiah seems to be fever-free!!! We continue to pray for good health for all of the children, and good health and full nights of sleep for you and Jay!

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