Because every scurvy pirate needs a backpack…

to store his pirate booty in.


Aaarrrrrrr, Matey!!

6 Replies to “Because every scurvy pirate needs a backpack…”

  1. Now I understand what the matey was wearing in the previous post, lying on the rug next to his brother! By the way, did Lucy recover?

  2. Yes, thanks for asking: Lucy is now keeping down small amounts of rice mixed with chicken broth. Being a dog though, and unable to understand my explanations about why we’ve offered her only minuscule amounts of food yesterday and today, I truly think she assumes we are trying to starve her! She has spent most of yesterday and today vainly foraging for anything substantive to eat!

  3. aw thanks, Aunt Jennifer. He keeps us smiling over here, that’s for sure. We’re never quite sure which costume or disguise he’s going to whip out next for our entertainment!

  4. You know, Trish, that Pirate’s Booty is quite yummy. I’m willing to bet one bag of that tasty snack would fit perfectly in that pirate sack. And he looks like a friendly pirate who would share.

    By the way, has he grown a foot or two since I last saw him? He looks absolutely HUGE.


  5. Seriously, Angie, they’re growing almost as fast as our sunflowers.

    And Jennifer… just ask the women of the world about Johnny Depp. Or so I have read.

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