Josiah Update

Josiah had his worst night yet last night. His fever has stayed pretty high – mid 104’s when he’s not medicated. He spends much of his day sad and fussy due to tummy cramps i think, as his system relearns proper functioning. And now his cough and the congestion in his throat is complicating matters by causing him to choke till the point of throwing up. One of the times he woke in the night was due to throwing up in his bed while asleep, poor guy. It happened again at naptime today, so we have begun administering guafenesin in hopes of helping this latest issue.

Other than that we are just trying to keep him comfortable and very hydrated. He does eat when his fever’s down, and that is good. The rest of us are fine, though I admit to feeling tired at this point. It has been very nice to have jay home for the weekend – besides extra reinforcements and adult company around here, I had the chance to get out with a couple of the older kids and do some errands! Sounds boring enough but given we’ve had sick kids for so long, I can’t just get out of the house during the weekdays. So, yes, uniform shopping with Abigail and Jonathan was downright FUN!!

The older children are being so sweet with sick little Josey, and have had good attitudes about staying inside to accommodate his illness. This says a lot since it has been a full 4 weeks now since we started with all this sickness. It is of course hard for the ones who are suffering, but in some ways I think more challenging mentally for the healthy ones. I am proud of our big kids and the way they are showing compassion for their baby brother. When Jay took them to Half Price Books this weekend they all chipped in and bought Josey a Maisy book to help cheer him.

I hope to post soon and tell you that we are done with the fevers and the illness. Until then…..

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