He did look pretty enough in the movies to be wearing makeup

Our children are becoming familiar with the epic that is Lord of the Rings. In addition to Jonathan’s current reading of the Hobbit, the three older children are enjoying segmented, slow screenings of Peter Jackson’s three LotR movies with their Daddy. One can witness their fascination with the story as they play together, though obviously one of them is still a bit mixed up over a few of the characters. This morning, they were all in the boys’ room, constructing bows and arrows from K’nex, and putting on their dress-up armor in preparation for a great battle.

“I am going to be the elf-princess, Arwen,” declared Abigail. Jonathan, ready to fight, said he wasn’t exactly sure which elf he wanted to be, but that he was certainly going to win the war. Nicolas however, confidently stated, “Well, I am going to be LipGloss*!”

* For those not as familiar with the LotR trilogy, we’re pretty sure he meant Legolas.

5 Replies to “He did look pretty enough in the movies to be wearing makeup”

  1. I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t have a sort of sinister intelligence operating behind the scenes, dropping these quotes (with frequency!) to keep us in the dark. I’m telling you, we only blog a small fraction of the verbal delights that come from Nicolas.

  2. I think you guys need to start sending your stories into “Guidepost” or “Reader’s Digest.” Make some money off those cute kids! (That’s why I’m having children!)

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