Dental Followup

I’ve had several inquiries on young Jonathan, and his dental adventures. Last Tuesday, he lost a tooth. Not the old-fashioned way, mind you. This was in the office of Dr. Bob. Who, my dear friends, is such an amazing pediatric dentist, that my sweet, sensitive creature of a child HAD NO CLUE the guy had actually pulled his tooth out. Yes. That is absolutely true. Not a clue.

It is also absolutely true that I LOVE Dr. Bob for sparing my dear boy trauma in what could have been a really hard situation. And I almost hugged our dentist on the spot. But that might have been weird. So I settled for thanking him profusely, and I also promised to bring my son back in two weeks for a follow-up (the tooth next to the one that was pulled is also out of kilter, and is now wiggling), and to be fitted for a new, false tooth. Which, it turns out, is going to cost a pretty penny. But the x-rays indicate the adult tooth could be awhile in coming down to fill the space, and evidently that can cause other dental issues. So, we are thrilled that Jonathan will not have to sport a huge gap in the front of his mouth for too long, and we are thankful and appreciative for medical technology.

This entry deserves a picture, but since we do not have one yet, it’ll have to wait. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. I’m glad the dentist visit wasn’t too traumatic for tha patient. Maybe I need to find a pediatric dentist! 😉

  2. Aren’t Pedi dentists the best? I think Ryan may have had his first ever visit with the same dr. you have been seeing.

    Glad J is on the mend. Trey had a fake tooth for a while. He called it his “stuck”. Now Trey has a permanent tooth that is glued together. He broke it in half after “fanging” Anna in the forehead. Thankfully dentists can do some amazing things these days.

  3. Thanks, Lenise! I highly recommend the pedi dentist, but I don’t have a ton of experience wtih this. Want me to ask if he has any contacts in your area?

  4. Leslie, I always love seeing you visit! I hope Trey’s teeth will hang together for some time to come!! I am very thankful for dentists!

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