Cliff Notes

A short story from Mommy Swap*.

All the kids were gathered around the table for snack time. As several of the kids (mostly 4 and 5) had recently learned the Lord’s Prayer, they each insisted on praying it, one after another. At the end, my son Jonathan (22 months) also insisted on praying. He said (as he often does at home), “Our Father, art in heaven, hallowed be thy name… Amen!” He then looked up at the Mommy standing next to him and explained, “Short one!”

* Mommy Swap is a group of 6 moms (Tricia included) who take turns watching each other’s children each Wednesday morning.

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  1. Hi, nice to see some Hornes on the net, I am an Australian working as an aircraft engineer in Brazil on Blimps for Goodyear, Where are the Horne clan on this site from? Once again, nice to see, Cliff

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