3 Replies to “Feel the Love”

  1. Cool logo. Great to see the sign up.

    As an LP member from around 94 – 97, I was thrilled when Dr. Paul announced he’d run this year, and I must say he’s been doing better than I expected. I wish he were a little better on television.

    Not really thrilled about any of the other candidates, although I like Fred and Rudi to some extent.

    Libertarian Republicans tend to suffer from having a very long list of very good things to do. I hope Dr. Paul’s going to be able to keep focused on the more important ones. It looks like he’ll have enough money to stay in the race for a while, and no telling what might happen.

  2. Jamison was worried that our next-door neighbor would be offended by our yard sign; since I put it in the tiny strip of land between our houses that we both share a portion of, she is afraid that people might think that the sign is in THEIR yard.

    I told her that she’s right – I want to make sure that people who drive by know that WE are the house of freedom!

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