Inconvenient is….

waking up Saturday morning to put soup in the crockpot for the 23 people you are looking forward to having over for supper this evening. Only to find your trusty crockpot has a ginormous crack all the way up and down one side, rendering it useful only for the trash heap.

Convenient is….your pick of several stores within a four mile radius, any one of which your kind husband is happy and willing to browse through in order to buy you the crockpot that will save supper. Here is what he brought home to me. I am happy to say that now the soup is simmering…and I feel better. Ah, the many blessings of living in a metroplex.

2 Replies to “Inconvenient is….”

  1. That was a close call, and it wouldn’t have helped to offer mine to borrow — too small. Jay’s choice looks good. With crock pots, there’s no rival for a Rival!

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