How to Kick Leftover Spaghetti Up Just a Notch…

Not too long ago on a Saturday night, leftover spaghetti was on the menu. Probably not all that exciting in your world, but in my world? Everyone at our house LOVES spaghetti, so that alone makes it a great meal around here.  But on this particular night, sheer genius struck yours truly, and we festivized our plain ole leftover spaghetti into a spectacular Saturday night experience!

Drawing inspiration from Lady and the Tramp (hey, everyone’s got their own muse) we pulled out the red checkered tablecloth. Eldest daughter happily ran off to pick flowers and whatnot from the yard. We opened a bottle of the famous rooster: Rex Goliath.  (Even the children got teeny tiny little glasses for the occasion.)  We dimmed the house lights, and lit some candles. Jay turned up the Italian tunes, and we enjoyed leftovers in the grandest, funnest way I can imagine! See for yourself….

No clothes required, heheheh!

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