He Didn’t Mean to be Profane

I mentioned previously that there are no antibiotics or meds available to fight these viruses in our house. But there is validity to keeping bodies as strong as possible, through good nourishment, lots of sleep, maybe a little backyard fresh air (my own idea!), and some boosts of vitamins. Toward this end, a friend suggested Emergen-C, which I have used in the past when I was fighting a cold or virus. Given everyone around here is either sick, has been sick, or is at least being exposed to a ton of sickness, I liked the idea, and so I purchased some, mixed it up, and presented a bit to each child at breakfast this morning. To say my offerings were met with less than enthusiastic responses might turn out to be the understatement of the day. A conversation ensued…

Abigail: I don’t like this very much (accompanied by many facial expressions which she attempted to keep dramatic and yet polite in that Abigail way of hers).

Nicolas: I don’t like it at all! (this in a much more whiney voice)

Jonathan: (always one to take things up just a notch) This stuff is awful, it’s terrible! This is most definitely NOT paradise! This is….

Nicolas: This is HELL!!!! (most emphatically)

Abigail: (now fully on the bandwagon) Yeah, this stuff is like drinking poison!

At which point I had to put a stop to their grumblings and complainings and remind them to consider their language, behavior, and attitudes, especially in front of Baby Josey (who was guzzling the vitamin drink with delight). But I assured them that if they did not want to drink any more of the delicious Emergen-C I could mix up some of my own homemade concoction for them to enjoy. I have a little secret weapon of my own in my immune-system boosting arsenal which I ingest whenever I feel illness coming on, so far with surprisingly positive results. I’ll try and tell you about that another time. Right now I’ve got to go drink my fizzy Emergen-C!

Edited to Add:  I’ve received a couple questions about why Nicolas came out with such a strong statement about Emergen-C being akin to Hell. He was contrasting Jonathan’s previous statement about my having them consume this awful beverage not being Paradise with his best theological understanding about the opposite of Paradise…which of course is….

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  1. okay, so I’m a little late in reading your blog and I had to laugh out loud! Since it was I who recommended the Emergen-C, I have to ask…what flavor did you get? We like Raspberry (and that was after much trial and error and similar comments from my children). I guess I should have suggested Raspberry. But thank you for sharing the hilarious comments!

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