Happy Halloween!

What a fun but busy weekend we’ve had here at House of Horne!

Friday we enjoyed Covenant’s BikeAThon –

the kids rode 6 miles around White Rock Lake with their schoolmates as a celebration of the huge fund-raising effort they just finished.

Fun and festivities followed….

Little plug for our sweet school: It is an amazing place to learn, and a very loving community of teachers and families.  Covenant also places a priority on drawing a diverse student body, and toward that end, they allocate a large percentage of their budget toward financial aid for families who could not otherwise afford a private classical education. Over 25% of our student body receives some sort of tuition aid, and our school is a better place for it. God bless all those folks who give over and above so that many, many wonderful families can stay at our school!

Before BikeAThon was even over, I grabbed the 3 boys and we headed out to Irving, where we did some early Trick-R-Treating at Jay’s office.

Every year, Epsilon decorates the entire two buildings, and hosts the children of employees. There is candy galore, and we always return with enough booty to both eat and have extra left over to hand out on Halloween night! We ran into our sweet friends the Turners and grabbed a quick group shot:

Later that evening, Nana and Grandpa arrived in town for the weekend’s sporting events (no, not the World Series) and we kept them busy running back and forth all day Saturday to volleyball and soccer. Baby Jacob even talked his parents into taking him to his first soccer and volleyball games.

Saturday night after so many games I lost count (ok there were only 4) we crashed Uncle Peter and Aunt Katie’s where we donned costumes again and celebrated our sweet cousin Sarah’s 6th birthday. She dressed up appropriately in princess attire and was the happy recipient of many gifts and birthday wishes as well as a pink and purple butterfly cake which Cousin Abigail and Auntie Trish lovingly (if a bit hurriedly) created in her honor. Isn’t she sweet?

Some of the Cousin Chaos (note: it was hard to take pictures between Zorro trying to stab the Indian standing next to him, and the Indian retaliating with threats of scalping the masked hero). But we did our best:

Sunday dawned a day of rest and worship, YAY! In the early evening we joined hordes of kiddos to tromp up and down streets begging for yet more candy. (Don’t they ever get tired of so much candy?) This was such a fun night…here is the group in their entirety:

Baby Juliet is wearing the costume that our own sweet Abigail wore when she was teeny-tiny. Love that.

Even some of the parents got into the festivities: Here is Mr. O explaining the finer points of wearing Lederhosen to some fascinated onlookers:

I close with a pic of my littlest Cowboy who looked awesome, but suffered mightily in these snazzy red boots of his (turns out boots are not all that comfortable to climb hills in!):

This is the first year I can remember that I neglected to get a shot of our four kids in their costumes all together. Which is a little sad, but like I said, it was a full weekend, and I am thankful for the pictures we do have of all the fun. I am wondering if maybe next year we will have five little TrickRTreaters in the House of Horne??

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  1. Great pics!
    Also, I must put in that we borrowed that little bunny/lamb (I can’t remember now) costume when Lydia was a wee one, too. That sweet little costume has made the rounds!!

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