We just had a surprise storm blow through. Sirens wailed while it was still calm, but things picked up pretty quickly. The first round of hail was pea-sized, though it made a tremendous amount of noise on our oversized windows. After a few minutes of calm, the next round of hail started pounding away on our roofs and windows. By this point the wind had whipped up to a ferocious level, driving the hail into our windows all the harder. As you can see from the photos, it was in the 2 inch range. At the end of that second round, a cloud more or less descended on the house, with ongoing rain, lightning, and thunder. Keep in mind that it is fairly warm in spite of all this ice!

Oops, Tricia just informed me we have a third round on the way in… perhaps I’ll have an update later if it proves interesting.

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  1. I’m impressed! Ours was mostly grape-sized (bigger than pea, but less than golf ball), but there was a lot of it. Sometimes, because of the sound, I was sure we must be getting the softball-sized stuff they kept talking about on the news.

  2. wow….

    reminds me of a hail storm we had here in Aus a few years back….we had millions of dollars damage done to cars parked out in the open…. hail as big as your fist….and bigger…..you dont want to get caught out in that sort of thing

  3. We also had what must have been the same storm, but it hit at 5:30 Sun morning. With springing forward and missing the hour of sleep, we didn’t go outside to see how big the hail was. However, it did hail for about 45 minutes with lots of thunder and lightning. We were very thankful none of the children woke up! We also turned on the tv to make sure there was no reason to head for tornado shelter.

  4. Mom, I agree that the sound was quite, um, LOUD!! Woke up Abigail immediately and she didn’t get to sleep till after the third round had made its way through. Nicolas woke up with each wave of hail too, but managed to get to sleep in between for two little naps. Jonathan slept like a champ till the very end of the third hailing when he got up to join the party! We were all, needless to say, rather bleary-eyed for Sunday School the following morning!

  5. Yup, Angie, it really was pretty amazing. I talked to my grandfather today and in 86 years he says he’s not seen hail as big as we had that night!

  6. Darren, given the noise the 2inch diameter hail made on our roofs and windows, I cannot even imagine how loud fist-sized hail would sound!

  7. Jennifer, I’m glad the storms came before time for people to arrive for church. I’m also thankful to hear the kids were able to sleep through it all. That’s amazing and wonderful! To start things off here, we heard the tornado sirens so we were concerned about that too. Ultimately though, the real threat seemed more from the hail!

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