Doing a Little Happy Dance Over Here…

…because we’ve finally, after much agonizing, made a decision and ordered a dishwasher to replace our vintage model, which sadly, doesn’t really wash dishes anymore, despite its name. I carefully studied the research on current models, and then shopped around town, checking with clearance outlets, looking through last season’s models, and called every store I could locate to sift through their scratch/dent sales, etc. Unearthing no amazing bargains this way, I settled for finding the lowest price in town on our first choice, and got Lowes* to price-match that (saving us $93 in the bargain), and then waited until they ran a free installation special. Their special is good through this Sunday, the 16th, for anyone else in the market for a dishwasher. The installation rebate will save us both $150 and a couple hours of my sweet husband’s time. Looks like our new dishwasher will take a few weeks to get here, but I can wait. I’m so excited!!

*Sears and Lowes will not usually offer the best price on major appliances, but they each have price-matching guarantees which you can use to your advantage. The best customer service I received was from our local Lowes store, so I dearly wanted to give them our business if I could get the lowest price through them, which I did.

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