Doggie on a Rug

I don’t know quite what has come over Lucy Dog. Perhaps she read this post I wrote, where I complained a bit about her frisky behavior, and she vowed to change her ways. Perhaps she is just maturing past that crazy puppy stage. But regardless, for the past couple weeks, as we’ve dealt with various illnesses, and my very hurt back, as well as some other challenges, she has been a true joy to have around.

She has been calmer, despite no one having any time to exercise or play with her much. Many days she has laid faithfully by the side of Jay’s bed, where he’s worked almost the entire week, or followed me around the house as I sought some position which might relieve the terrible ache in my back.  She has been mostly content to keep us company, almost as if she sensed something was not right around here, and wanted to do her small part to help. She has succeeded in bringing comfort and cheer which only a furry member of the family can at times. We are very, very grateful.

Missy keeps telling me I need to post pics of the rugs we found earlier this summer, so Lucy, being such the agreeable dog these days(!) helped me with this first one. I snapped this picture of her posing in our front room – her tail is wagging, so it looks blurry in the picture.

For anyone who cares about such things, I spent more than a year vainly searching for some rugs to throw down on our beautiful hardwood floors.  Everything I could find that I liked, I couldn’t afford, and the ones I could afford, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to live with.

At long last, I was thrilled to learn that one can actually find very nice and very affordable wool rugs on Shipping cost virtually nothing ($4.99 total for four 8 x 10 rugs, y’all!!), and they allowed me to send back what didn’t work, without charging me return shipping. Now that is a nice deal. But I digress….we were talking about the dog, weren’t we?

Lucy still does exhibit quite a lot of excitement whenever someone appears at the front door. In her exuberance, she continues to try to jump on every person who dares to visit our humble abode, so she hasn’t completely parted with her wild ways. But perhaps in time….

Which reminds me: many, many thanks to the sweet folks who have helped us out this past week, bringing meals, and assisting with needful chores around the house. How truly blessed we have been by all the help. You know who you are, and we are very, very appreciative of your generosity to us.  And also for your willingness to put up with sweet Lucy, even if she did act a little too excited to see you!

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  1. Oh, I needed to read this. I hadn’t even thought of as a place to look for 8 x 10 rugs. Which we need. Or, more truthfully, would like to own. Just one.

    All this to say….thanks for posting this!

  2. Meredith – thank you!!

    Angie 🙂 I saw Notes From the Trenches had gotten a rug or two there. I found a brand name I recognized, and colors that seemed to work. They are great! The hilarious thing is, one can still buy the very same rugs I own (and bought for a song, relatively speaking) at ridiculously high prices, all over the web.

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