Day 3 of the Christmas Cleanup Challenge

Ok, I admit it: after several days of a cleaning frenzy (on top of all other regularly scheduled programming around here, plus a sleepless night with a croupy three year-old thrown in for fun!), I am TIRED! But….also encouraged. I am learning a lot as I cull through, purge, and put back together various areas in our home.  Thanks for your comments, those of you who’ve popped in to say hello, I look forward to seeing the progress you are making in your own homes this week!!

Since I didn’t have as much energy or time today to devote to massive cleaning out, I limited myself to fixing up the games cabinet. We have a great set of built-ins in our living room, the whole bottom of which are shelves that are perfectly sized for games and puzzles. This morning the area looked like this:


You can’t see minute details in the photo, but believe me when I tell you that behind that mess of boxes was a little army of lost game pieces, dice, cards, and puzzle pieces — all of them crying out at once, to be put back in their proper box!

Well, after some hard work with a couple of my Junior Cleanup Trainees we managed this:


A definite improvement, yes?? Games closets will always get a little messy with tiny kids in the house, but here’s hoping we can maintain order behind these doors just a little better from here on out!


Goodnight, Everyone!

2 Replies to “Day 3 of the Christmas Cleanup Challenge”

  1. I’m truly amazed at the progress you’re making! I’m not brave (foolish?) enough to begin in-depth purging projects this time of the year, but I’m working on the general messiness of several areas. In fact I put up our Christmas tree last weekend and turn on the lights to enjoy every day, but I’m not allowing myself to add decorations until I get the general disorder taken care of. In the meantime I’m gathering ideas and suggestions to use for the hard stuff — after New Year’s.

    Actually I did do a purge of clothes that gave me more closet space and also a couple of empty drawers, so I guess that counts for something. Sorry — no pictures!

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