Conversation with Nicolas

Nicolas: Momma, can I please go finish my computer game that I started earlier?

Mom: I don’t know, Nicolas, I think you have played enough computer already today.

Nicolas: Oh please, Momma, I just want to finish my game!

Mom: Honey, it isn’t actually good for your brain and your body to play too much on the computer.

Nicolas: But Mom, it’s helping my brain, really it is! The game is teaching me how to “right-click”!!


4 Replies to “Conversation with Nicolas”

  1. If he’s left-handed, he’s absolutely correct.

    Although, there are those who believe that the Mac will eventually rule over all, in which case “right-clicking” will become obsolete.

  2. Wow, Andrew, I never thought of that. But now that you mention it, he does write lefty, and he bats both ways, but prefers his left. Thanks for pointing this out to me – I really appreciate it!

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