“Church” at the Hornes’

This morning while Nicolas napped, Abigail and Jonathan looked for something to do to amuse themselves. Their request for a video was denied, and their creative game of “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” as reenacted on our living room sofa, met with Mommy’s disapproval. So they put their minds to recreating yesterday’s church service, as seen through the eyes of a preschooler and a toddler. It will probably be insightful for you to know that at Town North we use instruments of widely varying types in our worship service, so our kids have been exposed to everything from organs to guitars, violins to tympani.

Out came the Fisher Price instruments: drums, maracas, xylophones, tambourines. Abigail (the leader) announced, “First, we sing the Gloria Patri!” Which they proceeded to do, in very loud voices, while they marched enthusiastically around our living area, through the foyer and back through the dining room. This was accompanied by much banging of the aforementioned percussive instruments. Suddenly, “Time to pray!” ordered the rather bossy older sister. Four little feet scurried to stand at the edge of the dining table, where with bowed heads they recited the Lord’s Prayer together. Then it was back to singing again. After insisting they each acquire new instruments for making noise, Abigail led them in a very grand version of the Doxology, complete with Hallelujahs throughout, more hearty marching and the cacophony of various instrumentation. Immediately following this second song, it was time again to pray the Lord’s Prayer.

This pattern went on for about 20 minutes: loud singing of various songs while rhythmically beating little instruments, always followed by a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer. Until finally, perhaps tuckered out from so much singing and praying, little Jonathan meekly asked, “Can I go to nursery now?”

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  1. Three words, Tricia…a-MAZ-ing…

    I gotta say, I thought I was smart for knowing the Gloria Patri and Lord’s Prayer by the age of six; Abigail and Jonathan never cease to set new bounds in my mind for human intelligence.

    The only thing that rivals that in my mind was the time Abigail lead a church service in the dining area and preached a fiery sermon for about three minutes to us and Jay. Good times, great days…

  2. Not long ago Jonathan’s request would have been to go home — wanting to go to the nursery shows he’s learning!

  3. sounds great – they’ve got it all down pat!

    I actually think if we asked kids to design what happened in church that we’d end up with some interesting results….perhaps even some profound ones!

  4. Barb,
    I’ve had several inquiries as to whether all this really happened. My answer is always YES as I could not make up stuff this funny, though I do sometimes struggle with conveying the humor in writing. Thanks for giggling.

    As you know from firsthand experience, it is all too true!!

    You are a very complimentary uncle! I wish we had Abigail’s sermon on tape as I cannot recall it to mind right now.

    It is a joy to have you and Dad sitting with us and our kids in worship.

    I think the kids would vote for lots of singing (with dancing unto the Lord interspersed if mine are any indication!), greeting time, and offering. These all provide physical outlets for their energy and spirits as I’ve observed!

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