I admit it: like many of the rest of you, I’ve gotten sucked into facebook.  It is great fun, and after some decadent initial time-wasting, has been a great way to keep up with old friends and family all over the world.

But this mommy only has a certain amount of time in her day to play on the computer, so now that my attention has been divided, I think facebook is getting some of my best material! Since status updates max out at about 40 words, my usual verbosity is curbed, a blessing to my readers, I am sure.  But I can’t keep all the good stuff from my faithful peeps here… I had to share this one.

Since receiving Guitar Hero for Christmas, my children have forayed into some new areas of music.  They love it, and it’s great fun for the whole family. But it has its downsides.  Those of you with multiple children know that despite how careful you were with your firstborn regarding what they saw/listened to, that it is nigh unto impossible to maintain that standard with the youngest when your firstborn is now ten.  Ergo, our three year old now runs around singing stuff like this…

“Gotta hold what we’ve got!

It doesn’t make a difference IF WE’RE NAKED OR NOT!”

in his loudest singing voice. I’m not quite sure that’s what Bon Jovi was talking about. Of course, this from the boy who dresses like this:

Naked or Not??
Naked.... or Not??

6 Replies to “Cheating…”

  1. Heavens to betsy, you’ve got a picture of my youngest on your blog.

    We have that light saber, that shield and that helmet. We also have a little boy who likes to run around dressed exactly like that, roaring ferociously at imaginary foes.

  2. My two year old sings, “All the single ladies, all the single ladies, now put your hands up.”

    And if you ask her if she’s a single lady, she’ll tell you “yes.”


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