Blissful Beach

We have just returned from a week in what we considered almost paradise, better known as Gulf Shores. What a great time we had swimming and sunning, visiting with good friends, and eating lots of yummy food (and drinking lots of yummy wine!).  Don’t we look relaxed and happy?


Maybe I will find time to post more pics and some details from our trip later.

But for now it’s back to planning mode: I returned with my laundry done, only to realize sports and “extra-curricular” activities begin next week, and honestly, so should Horne Elementary (hat tip to Angie). So I am scrambling to finish pulling together the final pieces of our schedule and pretend that I am really, really organized and ready to jump into this home schooling thing. Heheh.

I leave you with a pic of what I think are the cutest set of kids in the world, but I’m probably a little biased:


Edited to add: pics are posted. I only uploaded 90 of the 188 shots we took. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

Further Edited to add: I hope all our readers know, I was not the person who made the comment about the fat guy. No sirree!!

8 Replies to “Blissful Beach”

  1. Wow… I can only imagine what a great time you guys must have had! Especially with a gaggle of kid-ful friends nearby…

    Welcome back, and thanks for bringing the Fall weather (I’m going to assume it was you unless I hear otherwise).

  2. It sounds — and looks, according to all the pics — like a super fun trip! Glad you got to spend time with so many friends. Were the boys intentionally going for the same smile/expression in the blog picture? I love it.

  3. Wild! the kids are grown, almost. I am glad to see everything are growing and doing well at the Horn family. Please ask Jay to email me. I have a favor to ask of him.


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