Another Cousin on the Way

Happy New Year, everyone!

We just returned from a week’s stay in St Louis, which we will hopefully fill you in on later. But I wanted to announce (now that they’ve let the cat out of the bag themselves) that Andrew and Jamison are expecting their first baby this summer…and that they’ve returned to blogging too! We now happily anticipate not one, but two cousins to be born in 2007 (also a little boy on the way for Katie and Peter soon!). We are thrilled for these soon-to-be additions to the family, and rejoice with the expectant parents!

Read more, and see the first pictures of “Tater Tot” at The Bloggertons!

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  1. Thanks for the free advertising, Trish; hopefully we can generate some real traffic at our blog and start a following…in the meantime we’re happy to have our audience of three!

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