What’s in a Name?

Jay and I had a conversation with Abigail yesterday morning that made us giggle. By way of explanation, although most of you who know me call me “Tricia”, my given name is “Patricia”, and it’s what I went by almost exclusively until around age 12.

Abigail: Mommy, what was your name when you were a little girl?

Tricia: The same as it is now.

A: But what was your name?

T: Most people called me “Patricia”.

A: Daddy, what was your name when you were a little boy?

Jay: You know what my name is, Abigail.

A: Oh. So when you were a very little boy, your name was “PaJay”.

4 Replies to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. How funny! Sounds like a cross between pajamas and PJs. Now what will she come up with when she starts thinking about James to Jay? Patricia to Pay?

  2. Hey Funny PaCommenters,
    I just now saw how you’d added the prefix to your names. Clever ones you are!!
    Like all good parents, we’ve been “astounded” at Abigail’s seeming bent toward deciphering numbers/patterns/puzzles. We figured when she began completing 12 piece interlocking puzzles before 18 months that she was most likely a genius! teehee!!

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