Kind Words for Mama

We spent much of today swimming with a large group of friends at one of the friend’s pool. What fun it was!! Though I applied sunscreen liberally to our children twice during our visit, Abigail still got a bit pink around the shoulders. So, this evening after I bathed the kids, I slathered her with after-sun lotion. As I was applying the lotion she said to me,

“You’re a cool Mommy.”

I had to ask, “Why do you say that?”

“Because you take care of me! That’s why I like you!”

Now, how can I argue with such high praise??

2 Replies to “Kind Words for Mama”

  1. Unsolicited, spontaneous expressions of love, appreciation, etc., from young children to their parents are truly a gift from God.

  2. I agree with Ruth!
    Once, while tucking Susanna into bed, she told me with much exuberation that I was her “bestest momma ever!”. Ahh! How wonderful it is when they are old enough to speak! And speak words of kindness!

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