First Day of School

This past Monday morning Jay and I had an experience that is poignant in the lives of most parents: our oldest started Kindergarden! The entire family accompanied Abigail down to school to attend opening chapel with all the other students, and their moms, dads, brothers, and sisters. After walking Abigail to her new class, we said goodbye. Abigail was very happy to settle down into her seat and begin work with her seven other classmates.

And being a proud Mom, I have to tell you just what a super job she did in the morning getting ready for her big day. In honor of starting Kindergarden, we presented Abigail with a very sweet and girlie Hello Kitty clock that has both an alarm and a radio. We taught her how to use it and so, when her alarm rang at 6:15 she turned it off, switched to her classical station, made her bed and got dressed, all by herself. This from the little girl who is most definitely NOT a morning person.

Given school is a bit of a drive from where we live, we are going to be keeping a rather early morning schedule, but everything went well on our first day. We actually arrived at school 20 minutes before start time so it did not feel at all frantic.

When we picked her up after school, Abigail reported happily, “I love it there!” She seems to have had a fantastic day and is looking forward to her big year of Kindergarden. Here is a picture of Abigail on her first day of school, with her new teacher, aptly named Mrs. Newsome! And here are some more photos of our day.

We are all very excited about the start of Abigail’s scholastic journey and pray she will have a wonderful experience this first year.

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  1. We did the same two weeks ago. The biggest adjustment so far has been for our oldest to get up early enough for me to take him to school. He inherited the incompatible combination of Araceli’s need for sleep and my spite of it.

  2. Yay, Abigail!

    How exciting! We had our first day of Preschool last week. Susanna was very excited!

    I’m glad Abigail enjoys it so much! Hooray for education!

  3. Nils, sounds like Jonathan as far as his attitude toward and need for sleep. Hope #1 is enjoying his Kindergarden experience!

    Hey Angie, I hope Susanna is loving preschool. It is wonderful to get to watch them achieve new milestones. I get such a kick out of it.

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