Firefighting According to Abigail

As I tucked Abigail into bed and was about to sing her a goodnight song I got us into one of those deep conversations…

Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Abigail: A firefighter.

Mommy: Really�why?

Abigail: B/c when fires come to the houses, then I can clean them up and spray them.

Mommy: Oh.

Abigail: But you have to keep the windows closed.

Mommy: Ohhh�why?

Abigail: Because the water, when you spray it, it will ruin the carpet.

Mommy: Indeed?

Abigail: Yes, so when you have a fire at your house remember to keep the windows closed so when the firefighters come and spray the water it will make your house all clean.

2 Replies to “Firefighting According to Abigail”

  1. I really enjoy these little clips of Abigail’s perspective on life. You should consider teaching her to type or letting her dictate a blog of her own someday. And I swear, I never mentioned wanting to be a fireman around her 🙂

  2. Today Abigail commented that we had bird poopie on our car. Then she went on to explain that our car needed a bath. She said that she had been with her daddy once when their car got a bath. First her daddy bought gas for the car, then the car had a bath. We talked about how the car went through sort of a tunnel with lots of water, and they kept the windows closed. She especially liked sitting in the front seat with her daddy while the car got its bath. After all this discourse, Abigail repeated very firmly that our car really needed a bath.

    Just thought you’d want to know.

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