Abigail versus the trampoline

Last night, Abigail and I went to an informal father-daughter event for the first graders at her school. While the daughters played together, the men made some tentative plans regarding something the others referred to as “camping”… it involves tents or some such. Then we had a fun activity involving everyone, followed by some informal hanging out among the fathers and more playing for the girls.

Much of that playing involved this fantastic trampoline that had one of those nets fully enclosing it that more or less turned the whole thing into a bounce house. Right about the time I was wrapping up a last conversation and getting ready to extract Abigail, I heard a terrific scream that immediately transitioned into hysterical wailing. I ran for the trampoline… isn’t it odd how you can immediately recognize you own child’s scream?

Abigail had severely twisted her ankle, was in significant pain, and couldn’t bear any weight on the bad foot. I got her home where we treated her with Ibuprofen and ice and finally managed to get her asleep in bed. Today, at Tricia’s prodding (as I thought the ankle was improving quickly), I took Abigail to her pediatrician. From there, I was thankfully able to get in directly with an ortho specialist. We arrived home around 5:30 pm with Abigail sporting a new “shoe”.


Turns out she had done some minor damage to the growth plate on the end of a bone (i.e. she had a minor break). The good news, the very good news, is that it is a walking cast, and she is getting around great.

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  1. Dear Abigail,

    Sorry that you hurt your leg! I hope you feel better.

    I got a loose tooth.


    [Evangeline should be asleep, but she got up just now to ask her daddy to put on a different music CD, so naturally he had to reward her by showing her the blog entry….]

  2. I was the first to sign the shoe!!!

    Trish told me Abigail went to see Dr. Hamm; good choice, he’s a great physician.

    Feel better Abigail, and thanks for letting me sign your cast!

  3. I damaged the growth plate in my elbow when I was 10, but all I got was an ugly old white cast. Kids today have it so good … 🙂

    Looks like she is taking it well. I still say my elbow injury ruined my potential for a MLB career.

    Just wait until the boys are Boy Scout age…you’ll be camping way more than you can imagine!

  4. A pink cast from Dr. Hamm, you say? Sounds tasty!

    Let me tell you, the old white casts were a lot easier to sign. Still, I’m glad I was #3 on the list!

    Aunt Katie is quite envious that I got to see Josiah yesterday; hopefully we can all get out there soon enough. What a cute little guy, even while sharing the contents of his stomach with his late-to-visit uncle…

  5. I think Abigail will comment on your comments here shortly. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for your many notes of encouragement to our little injured ballerina.

    And, Jennifer: YES!! the Ballet school says no problem on the Nutcracker! She is going to get to dance after all – we are so thankful! Even if the cast is on the full 6 weeks (it will be anywhere from 3 to 6 depending on healing) it will still come off before the performances. Daddy took her to her second practice this morning, and with some modifications, all went well.

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