A Momentous Day….

Fourteen years ago this evening, Jay took me on a memorable date: we went to supper at our favorite little Italian restaurant in Houston, and then he proposed to me before dessert was served. He even wrote his own dessert menu for the occasion, complete with poetry. It was really lovely, but his burst of creativity was sadly lost on me as I was more interested in the sweet nothings spouting from his mouth as he avowed his love for me, and then flashed a pretty diamond in my direction!

Given the anniversary of our engagement, it seems fitting for me to post a little pic of the two of us back in our early twenties. This was taken on our honeymoon in Arizona, and yes, I know: it’s almost uncanny how we haven’t aged a day since then!

Here are some more photos from our week away. They are all pre-digital, so they are not the best quality, but you can get a sense of the loveliness of us, I mean, of the Grand Canyon!!

I love you so much, Jay, and am continually thankful I said “yes!” to you fourteen years ago!!

4 Replies to “A Momentous Day….”

  1. Hi Tricia,
    The years go by so fast! I remember how hard you worked planning your lovely wedding. It was always a nice break for me from med school to hear about all your plans. I’m glad you all are doing well. Happy engagement anniversary.

  2. Y’all are the most beautiful 90’s couple I have ever laid eyes on…;)

    Congrats on your big day–what a wonderful thing to celebrate and give thanks for on your bloggie.

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