A Fun Weekend

By way of checking in with our faithful readers, since I have not been much of a blogger lately – I want to say that I enjoyed such a nice Mother’s Day weekend. Jay tells me that Mother’s Day Weekend is a contradiction, but I like to think of the day stretching out over both Saturday and Sunday. He certainly helped to make it a lovely couple of days for me.

Saturday morning our entire family had a wonderful, if a bit wet and messy outing to Dirty Dawgs, where our faithful canine “enjoyed” a very thorough bath. If you have never been to Dirty Dawgz, I highly recommend it. It’s like a self-service car wash, only with dogs! Saves you the mess and hassle of having all your own products and tools for the job at home, if you don’t have a great place to bathe your doggie there. But it’s much cheaper than sending doggie to the groomer’s. I wish I had a picture of all of us to show you, but we did not bring the camera along. Suffice to say that Sid smells and looks much better than before we went!

Saturday afternoon, Jay made lunch, and fed everyone, including me, and then watched the three boys so Abigail and I could attend Aunt Jamison’s first baby shower. It was a great time, and such fun to help celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Isaac. I was so sorry to have forgotten my camera for this event as well, but Aunt J has some pictures up on her blog.

That evening, Jay again stayed home, saw to supper himself, and watched children so that I could take Abigail and Nicolas down to the Majestic Theater to enjoy Cousin Ellie’s first ballet recital, in which she danced the part of a butterfly. She performed beautifully, and finally, I brought my camera along to commemorate the occasion! Here is the aforementioned little butterfly, along with two of her admirers:


The official Mother’s Day began with a cute little redheaded boy peeking at me from the side of my bed, smiling sweetly and saying “Happy Mother’s Day” while handing me a card he made himself in school, and which he had been secretly hiding in high anticipation of the day on Sunday. It should be noted that this presentation was all the more cherished because the little boy, who is a very early riser, obediently waited until after 7am to appear in our bedroom!!

After church, all four children went to sleep and then I actually got to take a nap too. Those of you who know me well are aware that I seldom nap – when children are resting, I usually opt for working on things that are harder to accomplish with several little people to keep after. So this nap was a rare treat for me! How refreshing!

Sunday evening our whole family went out to Texas de Brazil and enjoyed a sumptuous feast to celebrate Mother’s Day – and Grammy and Grandy joined us for the fun! We don’t often eat out as a family and to visit such a nice restaurant with four little ones made us a tad nervous, but they all behaved so beautifully (so did Grammy and Grandy, I am happy to report!), and really relished the new experience. You can visit the entire album of photos from that evening, but I will leave you with this shot of all of us afterward standing by the “bath” as Josiah called it.


Thanks again to my sweet husband for helping me to enjoy such a full weekend of special activities. And, a Happy Belated Mother’s Day to my two wonderful Moms, and all the other Mommies reading this!

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  1. I can’t believe a complete stranger could take such a good group picture of 4 adults and 4 children with just one try! We, too, had a great time Sunday evening, and I’m relieved that you reported our acceptable behavior.

  2. That IS quite a good picture, for many reasons; the least of them not being the fact that Jay looks to finally be growing some hair (I understand the deeper significance of this, but there are many good secondary outcomes associated with it).

    Oh and Jay, way to set the bar too high for the rest of us. I really appreciate that.

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