A Family Outing

Abigail hung up her ballet shoes this year in favor of studying piano, and we were blessed to find a wonderful, and highly recommended music teacher not far from our home. This past Friday night Abigail had her first opportunity to perform publicly, and the whole family, including Grammy and Grandy, came along for the fun. We were treated to an hour of wonderful music played by students from ages six on up to 16. Abigail, though very nervous about playing in front of others, did a lovely job, and I hope having gotten through her first little recital will help her gain confidence about future performances.


After the recital we had supper together at the Food Court


and then the kids were treated to rides on the carousel by their grands. I have to post this picture as proof that our Grammy really is feeling much better since her surgery – since Josiah needed a riding buddy, she volunteered to climb onto the swiftly whirling merry-go-round, and try out her new equilibrium. Wow!!


I think everyone…


had a…


great time.


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  1. Hey, I know her! We went to church with the Hansens for nearly 20 years! 🙂 I’m sure the recital was lovely; what piece did Abigail perform?

  2. It was a very festive little concert with some astonishingly good performances! As far as the carousel, I’ll have to admit Josiah did me a huge favor by refusing to sit on a moving-up-and-down horse with me trying to stand by his side. But hey, at this stage the more my brain is challenged the quicker it will adjust.

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