Broadband is back

Incredibly, our cable modem service returned around midnight last night. I had heard, from three different sources, that it would take 5/7/14 days to restore service. AT&T Broadband Internet did it in under two. When was the last time you heard of a technology project completing in less than half the projected time?

No cable modem!

I woke up on Saturday morning to a world that had been thrown into turmoil… my cable modem had ceased. Apparently, the judge’s ruling in the Excite@home case on Friday had entailed something along the lines of the whole network being shut down. Of course, I don’t really know much of what happened, since I haven’t had access to the online news on which I depend! Apparently, AT&T Broadband is supposed to restore service in the next couple weeks. I hope to sort out the whole mess tomorrow at work. For now, in desperation, I have dialed into work using my laptop since I don’t even have a modem in my home desktop.

I have a feeling that my entries on c.e.b. may be a bit thinner until this is all resolved.

Electronic abacus

What a fun blast from the past. The Economist has posted a 1954 article they published titled Electronic abacus, which examines the possible business uses for these strange new creatures called “computors.” They have some great quotes like, “There are those who do not believe in the desirability of introducing anything as esoteric as electronics into business routine at all,” but they generally demonstrate real insight into the coming revolution.

Thoughts on blogs

What strange creatures, these blogs. Out of the impersonal medium of the web comes this weirdly revealing format of exposing one’s thoughts to the public. Perhaps its no different than the games played all along in the chat rooms (“hi. i’m skeletor, pay me homage!”). The blog captures a reflection of that which one wants to reflect, a revealing display in and of itself.