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  1. thanks for the warm welcome. i only regret that i have not seen my exuberant welcome until now! a thousand apologies for not checking your web home sooner!
    hey! how come i’m the ONLY comment on this section? eh????!!!!

  2. Hey Angie! I know you have nothing better to do with your busy days than lurk about my blog! Tee-hee. Now that you’re blogging, I think it’s time to put the pressure on S.C. Whadya’ think?

  3. ACK! The pressure…the pressure!


    Side note: Even though Webster’s may not agree with me(I just checked), I am convinced that dishwasherable is a perfectly good word. How many of you, when reading the word, dishwasherable, completely understand my meaning? Thank you!

  4. Welcome to Angie a bit late. Since I have no way of contacting her on her blog, I thought I would mention here that she needs a commenting device. Can’t one of those technologically inclined men that one of you is married to help her out with this? If not, there is always sensious plenier (sp?) by Jon Barlow (technoid web designer theology doctoral student friend of Mark’s from seminary) for $20/year.

  5. Actually, yes, Angie is aware of her need for a comments system and hopefully it will be operational in the near future. Her dear bro-in-law, Peter, the maintainer of Dishnet (www.dishmans.net) had it on his to-do list to enable her blog for this feature, and I think he’s in the process of transitioning the site’s blogs to moveable type. Unfortunately between Susan’s (his mom’s) rather extensive surgery last week and her continuing not-so-smooth stay in the hospital, plus Grandma Tex’s passing last week and funeral this week, in addition to the missions conference Pete is heading up back at Covenant this weekend, he’s a little tapped out. Not to mention he’s missed the entire first week of classes in St. Louis and probably many nights of sleep while he supports the family here in Dallas. If you think to pray for Peter, please do so!! And hopefully we’ll all soon be able to post comments on Angie’s blog!!

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