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  1. Howdy, Jay. Thanks for the link — Absolutely fascinating.

    And, btw, great website! I wish I were able to create and maintain something nearly so nice. I hope to ask you for tips … someday.

    OK, actually … I’m writing here because I’m clueless, i.e., I’ve not yet found another more convenient way to reach you. Now on to the real point:

    Our mutual friend and all-around great guy, Kevin McCoy, mentioned that you have been working on nurturing some kind of a discussion forum (in the 3d material world — not online), and that you’ve created a related online group (at Yahoo Groups?) named “manbook” or something like that? Anyway, I’m interested in knowing more, participating, etc., very much so.

    I enjoyed a great weekly pub time with some great buddies in Austin for several years, and I have sorely missed it ever since moving back here to Dallas. I’ve made some sputtering attempts to rematerialize such things here, but, as I say, … sputtering.

    Please update, advise, etc.


    p.s. We used to say in our Austin group (which I affectionately named Waterloo Memorial Colloquy), that we were dedicated to The Four B’s: Books, Brotherhood, Beer, & ‘Baccy

  2. Alan, you just need to stoke the Holy Smoker; it’s a great idea. A few people will start to bring beer and the whole thing will take off; trust me.

    Jay, that was indeed fascinating. I wondered how far down in the comments I’d have to go to find this:

    “Leave it to a geek to re-map his own neural pathways!”

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