A Belated Welcome

It occurs to me that I have grossly erred in neglecting to officially announce the addition of a wonderful new blog to the offerings in cyberspace. Please allow me to introduce my youngest sibling, Andrew (aka Andy or Uncle Andy around our house). Today happens to be his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!

My relationship with Andrew has always been a bit different than my interactions w/my sister and other brother, partly by virtue of the fact that there is quite a large span of years between our ages. He is nine years younger and I honestly cannot remember ever really “fighting” with Andrew in the way that siblings typically do. I clearly remember his arrival in our family and felt, at the ripe and experienced age of nine, that I was sort of a second little mommy to him. I dearly loved helping care for him as a baby and young child and thought he was the sweetest little guy in the world. As we grew older I very much enjoyed the ability to take him on “movie dates” and such since I could drive while he was still in elementary school.

These days we have long talks both in person and via phone which are very precious to me and which keep me in tune with the life of a college student and young single guy, something I don’t have quite as much interaction with as I used to. He puts things in perspective for me sometimes, as he tends to be more laid back than I. And he is a great and very fun uncle to our children, besides being in general just a very likeable, friendly guy. I am very thankful for the blessing Andy is in my life as well as the life of our family.

I anticipate that his blog will be a fun, fresh read for many of us, and I am thrilled he has begun this new venture. So, enjoy, everyone! (I will add that his page is currently down but should be operational again shortly.)

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  1. Thanks for the welcome note, Trish; hopefully my site can attain just a small percentage of the glory you and Jay have garnished on yours. I’m in Chicago and still alive, so most likely I’ll be blogging on that soon enough….much love to you my sister….

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