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Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit?

by Mark Horne

Copyright © 2002

(What follows is adapted from my forthcoming commentary on the Gospel of Mark)

In Mark’s Gospel we read: “And the scribes who came down from Jerusalem were saying, ‘He is possessed by Beelzebul,’ and ‘He casts out the demons by the ruler of the demons’” (3.22).

Jesus replied in part, “Truly I say to you, all sins shall be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin” (3.28, 29).

What did Jesus mean? If we say ascribe the work of the Spirit to the work of the Devil are we automatically beyond hope of forgiveness.

Looking at the background to this story in Mark’s gospel we see that John prophesied that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and at John’s baptism the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus. Jesus received his Pentecost at the Jordan so that he would be able to accomplish his mission and arrange a Pentecost in Jerusalem for his followers. Thus, we have two stages set forth for us in Mark’s Gospel: The ministry of the Son and then the ministry of the Spirit. Though the Spirit is unquestionably present in Jesus, it has not yet flowed out of Jesus to others, as it will on the day of Pentecost.

The Scribes from Jerusalem are rejecting the witness of Jesus, but that does not bring immediate judgment. Indeed, they go on rejecting Jesus during his years of ministry. What the scribes from Jerusalem reject in Galilee will be offered again in Jerusalem by disciples from Galilee (see Acts 2). The Holy Spirit will come upon the disciples and they will witness to the scribes. At that point, everything will still be forgivable. The great day of vengeance will still not fall on Israel if they repent. But if this second witness—the witness of the Spirit—is spoken against, then time will run out and the wrath of God will fall. Because Israel rejected the witness of the Spirit during the forty years of the early Church, they were eventually judged by God (c.f. Luke 19.41-45).

Luke clearly spells this out by recording Jesus’ exhortation to his disciples to bear witness for him when his time comes:

And I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before men, the Son of Man shall confess him also before the angels of God; but he who denies Me before men shall be denied before the angels of God. And everyone who will speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him. And when they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not become anxious about how or what you should speak in your defense, or what you should say; for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say (Luke 12:9-12).

The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit here is the rejection of the Spirit-taught witnesses who confess the Son of Man before men. Bear in mind that in the Bible, a prosecution requires no less than two witness (Deut 19.15; Matt 18.16; John 8.17; 2 Cor 13.1; 1 Tim 5.19; Heb 10.28).

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, then, is not to be explained in terms of some difference in being or eternal status between the Son and the Holy Spirit so that curse words involving Jesus’ name are forgivable, but not expletives involving the Spirit. Rather, it refers to the historical framework of Jesus’ work in his own generation. The rejection of Jesus, as serious as that is, does not bring immediate condemnation. Forgiveness is still available. But after rejecting the second witness of the Spirit after Pentecost, time runs out for that generation of Israel. There is no forgiveness for blasphemy against the Spirit—the rejection of the second witness.

If I met someone who thought they had said something about the Spirit that damned him without hope, I would tell him to repent and believe. The general application of Jesus’ warning against blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is to not reject repeated warning: “A man who hardens his neck after much reproof will suddenly be broken and there is no remedy” (Proverbs 29:1).

God sends us different witnesses and warnings via the ministry of the Church both official and unofficial, as well as through providence. He is patient and slow to anger. But if we continue in sin we will be judged.

Jesus’ warning against blasphemy against the Holy Spirit means we should to repent the first time.

Copyright © 2002

153 Responses to “Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit?”

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  1. 51
    Tammy Says:

    Rev. Hunter, I want to thank you for your Spiritual guidence. the direction of the Holy Scriptures really helped in knowing how to recognize the Truth. May God bless you and your family for your dedication to Him.


  2. 52
    Carter Says:

    Hi there,

    So I stumbled upon this after having some questions about “the condemnation of those who blaspheme the spirit”. Suffice to say, in my bible study in Mark, when I heard that Jesus WILL NOT forgive something, I grew a little anxious, haha, this is not what 19 years of hearing the gospel had told me. But you gave me a very straightforward answer to my question, and I thank you for that :)

  3. 53
    Elizabeth Says:

    I spent a lot of time freaking out about this passage and this article helped me get beyond my fright and take a reasonable, logical look at God and His character and love. I just want to say to everyone who’s afraid about this passage, I KNOW how horrible it is to think you’ve dismantled your relationship with Christ. And I want you to know that you’re not alone in the struggle to make sense of things. I wanna be with you in spirit to help you explore the feelings this passage brings to light. God loves us and He tells us to seek Him with all our hearts, souls and minds. DO that. KEEP looking for him. Don’t be afraid to love and seek. In Christ. <3 Liz

  4. 54
    Afa Says:

    What kind of blasphemy? Like, with a REAL hate in one’s heart against both the Son and the Spirit?

    Is it unforgivable if Satan throw some thoughts abut cursing in your head that is accidentally pointed at the Spirit and the Son?

    Like, if you are thinking about the blasphemy and you suddenly cursed but you didnt meant it. Because you did not say it with hate. Is it unforgivable? I just never want to think like that. It just. . .that I dont want to be left and will never be forgiven. HOW or WHERE the temptations come from? HOW did they get in people’ minds?

  5. 55
    Afa Says:

    Also, Im really curious. I haven’t done it yet. Never done it yet. If I try to master something like control the fire with my mind.


    I remember that one man asked Peter to sell the power of the Holy Spirit to the old man. Peter told him that it is not for sale. So, the old man is angry with that news.

    That’s all I could remember why Christian people shouldn’t play with witchcraft of any kind or any kind of spell.

  6. 56
    Clint Walker Says:

    Jesus was confronting the Scribes who directly witnessed Jesus and His works done through the Holy Spirit which were the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecy , and they had that information. It is important to get this…Jesus was on earth with them, the Holy Spirit was in and on Jesus bringing the revelation of the Kingdom to these scribes in their spirit at that very time !! What greater unbelief can be shown by a human? With their own eye’s they saw Jesus ,the work’s of the Holy Spirit , and had scriptural accuracy for proof. The Jew’s rejected the Kingdom ways after experiencing first hand the ways and work’s of the Kingdom which Jesus brought to them. THIS SITUATION , with Jesus phisically with them, they had received ALL THE REVELATION AVAILABLE and then called Jesus and the works Satanic…they were hopeless and this was the unpardonable sin. “It shall not be forgiven in this age or the age to come to the Jew.” This was “pre-cross” not the Church age was it? And the age to come for the Jew is the Kingdom. All have the actual presence of Jesus available.In this Church age unbelief has it own reward and salvation and the belief on the finished work of cross has it’s reward. Read the Bible and pray for the mysteries to be made known to you…Rightousness,peace and joy are here for the believer in Jesus Christ ! Let the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus preached enter you and desire to know the ways of the Kingdom!! This was the preaching of Jesus and His instruction to His disciples..”And as ye go preach , saying , The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.Heal the sick,cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out the devils: freely ye have received, freely give.”(MAT 10:7-8) Follow Jesus’s instruction as His disciples and the Power of the Kingdom will give you gifts like , the word of knowledge , which with unveil the mysteries to you. Amen

  7. 57
    mike Says:

    you know, I’ve been going through the roughest patch since i became a born-again Christian. expletives of all sorts have been bursting from my mind cussing my God, my Savior and even the Holy Ghost. I couldn’t explain it. a few people i spoke to said these were the devices of the Devil and i almost quit and almost turned back to marijuana and alcohol believing i was condemned. And believe i didn’t mean to do what i did and its great to know that blaspheme against the Holy Spirit isn’t simply cussing it (unintentionally)but rather not believing at all in Christ’s ministry. It’s the greatest thing to know that I’m already forgiven for I love my Savior, the Holy Spirit. Hey, they love me! thanks.

  8. 58
    md Says:

    Hi I have a question. If you unintentionally speak contrary to God is this blashephemy against Him?

  9. 59
    henry Says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED.. praise the Lord, now i understand, may the Lord bless you

  10. 60
    antonio Says:

    Yes the unparnable sin is hardcore doubt!I believe that a person can attribute the holy spirits miracles to satan amd be forgiven if they recieveve conviction for repentance def.repentance is to feal regret,sorow a change of ones mind the remedy is the opposite belief!Ive seen brothers that mocked tounges in the past but now have the holy ghost once they believed!!!Jesus is offering even repentance to the scribes and pharasses to repent ,chabge their minds accept corection how can satan cast out satan??HMMMMMask yourself that question you see it becomes unforgiven because the person chooses to remain blind and spiritually dicerned we have the mind of christ the lord speaks to us warns us but if we choose to be blind its our fault their no longer remains room for sacrifice we have many cahances to repent but the grace of god can run out so keep praying to god he changes our hear our minds to those who really thirst and hunger for him and truly repent god bless you all in jesus name remember paul mocked the holy spirit many times he was forgiven once he believed the blindness was taken off !Once we seek god whole hearted and we have conviction their is still hope he gives this to us not to send us to hell but to repent change our minds.The pharasses where condemmed because they didnt real bad about their sins they didmt choose correction from christ they chooose to believe all the way to the grave that the miracles theve seen where of satan!Unless god sent conviction in their hearts maybe some might have changed and would be able to be forgiven it really depends if god whants to convict them or allow them to be under a delusion to where salvation would be immpossible i hope this helps i know what im saying is the holy spirit revealing this to all god bless.

  11. 61
    Dionicio Says:

    I want to thank you so much for what you have done with this amazing word. Now with the knowledge that I have, I put all my faith in God that he works his wonders, before my loved one condemn themselves. Once again thank you and may God bless you and the Holy spirit guide you.

    Sincerely, Dionicio Vega

  12. 62
    brandy Says:

    I had a dream which i had trouble with its meaning and i felt like the dream possibly came from God, but in the dream of darkness around there was a man and a face i couldnt see i felt fear so when i was telling my mother about this i said i thought the man in my dream could have been the devil, now what i want to know is in this dream if that man i fear in my dream was God or the holy spirit, and not knowing this did i blaspemened him because i did not know who it was in the dream and so on? I am really afraid that i may have but if so out of ignorance will i be forgiven even though iam already saved?

  13. 63
    Roge Says:

    This article really helped me understand. It quotes from the Bible to show that if you are drawn to Christ and are convicted because of your sins, the Holy Spirit is working in you.


  14. 64
    Roge Says:

    Also if you are thinking, “I must have committed an unforgivable sin because God would not put me through this,” remember Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” You could be going through this because someone you know is and you will eventually help them overcome it, or so that you may see the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. It certainly helped me accomplish the latter.

  15. 65
    Gin Says:

    I have a thought disorder and suffer from anxiety. I am being treated for the malady. I sometimes do not have control of what I think. I Know that Jesus is the Son of God and I Know that the Holy Spirit is my guide and comforter. I Know there is only one True God. I have what is called intrusive thoughts. My Heart Believe in the Trinity, I do not want to go to Hell for something I cannot control. Will you help me please? My Heart Know That I am Loved by The Father His son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I am afraid. Please help me. Thank you.

  16. 66
    Dillon Says:

    After years of in and out of Love with Christ and the Trinity since child hood one day at 25 years old I yelled cus words about the Holy Spirit out loud out of anger! Then I was terrified for years and I was a mad man in the word and these websites! I was full of horror I felt sooo sorry for myself! Then one night while in bed I just broke down and with my faith in Jesus I admitted that I blasphemed to God about the Holy Spirit! About 10 mins later in my back yard while having a smoke the Spirit of God came upon me from the Kingdom! I know it was GOD cuz I was terrified like a human being seeing his Creator! Then when I went inside my body went into a siezure untill my spine felt like it was going to snap! Then I dry heaved almost to my knees! This whole quake lasted about 2 hrs I couldent stop shaking out of control! Since then no matter how decieved I am the Spirtual Realm is open to me no matter what! So at least I know I still have Faith in Jesus! And I know for sure there is an ultimate Creator! Hold on to the Word! Keep the commands, Be terrified to die in sin, Remember who you have Faith in Jesus, And if you are ultimately hopeless which I feel like sometimes like I have no Jesus in me REMEMBER GOD SAYS HE NOT UNJUST TO REMEMBER WHAT WE DO THAT IS GOOD IN HIS NAME, So we should be like Soldiers for the Truth and never give in, So if GOD is JUST then we still have HOPE, We might be LOST but lets ask ourselvs why are we sooooooo horrified to lose the TRINITY? The Gate that seems like the one we should head for is the one! And you will know that if you truly through faith in Jesus REPENT OR ADMIT everything youve done even the unpardonable sin to GOD! Then you will know what im talkin about! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!

  17. 67
    Dillon Says:

    I did blaspheme the Holy Spirit out loud one time out of anger! And I feel truly empty and I feel like a looser! But I remember my love for Christ and His Spirit! I have known them! Now I find myself constantly in the Word and The Spirit of God comes to me all the time! Even though I said curse words to the Spirit out loud before! So I am still not sure what all this means for myself? But I do find myself horrified from time to time! All I know is the Bible has thus taught me to turn and Repent from all sin and to be even more terrified to return to it! And I have tested the Word against the Spirits that come to me and they rang True! So I guess God still has a plan for me as well Amen!

  18. 68
    Tarver, David Says:

    Now im 31 but when I was about 23 I cursed the Holy Spirit really bad. I just got out of prison not too long ago. I was locked up for 5 years and 7 months and everyday that I was locked up I felt like crap. I even had dreams that I was going to hell and they was so real and terrifying. I felt like crying my eyes out. Most days I would drag around feeling scared and depressed. I would read the same scripture over and over again and would feel depressed over and over again. I felt like I wanted to die. I am still scared today. Here’s how it happened. I read the scripture before about the blasphemy when I used to study the bible with the Jehovah’s Witnessess. I was convicted about the blasphemy and was scared to do it. But 3 or 4 years later I eventually forgot mostly what I learned about that blasphemy. Then I was on drugs really hard. So one day I was hung over really bad and a question popped up in my mind. It said why shouldn’t I blaspheme the holy spirit and I started to agree with the question in my mind. So I said to myself, Why shouldn’t I blaspheme the the holy spirit? At first I didn’t want to do it and it seemed distant from me. But the more I kept on thinking about it and it just came out purposely. I really didn’t know exactly what blasphemy was until I reflected on what people around me use to say. They would say the GD word all the time. So I figured that if they said the D word to blaspheme, I figured the other words was just as bad. So I started to blaspheme the spirit and then the Holy Spirit. While I was doing it I felt out of place and I ceased to do it any more. Like I said earier I forgot the consequence for the sin. Then maybe 2-3 minutes later I remembered that it will not be forgiven in this age or the age to come. Then I started to get really worried and scared. I was worried the whole night through. A couple of years passed by. I got into trouble with the law. I was arrested with serious charges. Maybe a month or two into my prison sentence, my mom sent me a King James Bible to the jail. So I read the Bible all day or as much as I could because I never read the whole Bible before.Until one day I read the book of Matthew 12th chapter. I read the part where blaspheming the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. I broke down and cried in my jail cell for hours because I always wanted to be on good terms with the Lord always but the only place I ended up was bad terms plus with my poverty and bad luck. I felt really bad from that moment on. Everyday I felt like killing myself and I just can’t get over it at all. I looked up the word blasphemy a couple of years before my conviction and it said to profane things sacred or pertaining to God. So I felt really bad. He will forgive any sin and blasphemy but not the blasphemy against the spirit. Now I have really bad thoughts about suicide that I can’t ignore. Suicide might send me to hell but not the gut feeling that I have about that blaspheme though that I did. I cry most of the time and I wish I can disapear. I just have no hope left and I am fading away slowly. Pray for me anybody because I wish i can take all of this back but I’m too late. Like lately I feel like I want to take a gun and just end it all so pray for me please.

  19. 69
    Kevin Jenkins Says:

    Please helm me.I am tortured into thinking I’ve blaspheme the Holy Spirit by saying F word in my mind against it.I was afraid to even right this much because of fear of being told my soul is doomed for this.Please explain to me is this a thing that has doomed my soul.I don’t wanna say that in my head but It is had to control thoughts.

  20. 70
    Daniel Mayo Says:

    For those that are confused about mocking the holy ghost, I think I finally figured it out. What you should not do is backslide from doing the right thing purposely, that will leave a permanent backslid-en heart. It’s the refusal to acknowledge god’s power in Christ, they also turn their backs as I said before. I know that the whole thing is complicated, but it’s also personal to God in the highest.

  21. 71
    Rev. Grover H. Hunter Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, i write this in Hope to help those who are seeking Truth…..now first of all i would like to state a person MUST know what he/she is doing, and willfully do it, to commit Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost…you see when Jesus walked among us they who said he cast out devils by the prince of devils, Knew in there heart that no man had ever done the works Jesus did , and so they willfully said those things knowing at the least that GOD was with him, even if he we’re not GOD they knew in there hearts GOD was with him….we know he was GOD in the flesh, but anyway my point is they spoke out saying he was of the devil….which is an insult to GOD (Holy Spirit) which is the only way to receive salvation for he him self is our salvation. for the Holy Spirit of GOD is the seal by which yea are sealed unto the day of redemption Ephesians 4:30….so dear friend’s unless GOD has shown you his Truth and you resist it until GOD no longer strives to lead you into following his Truth OR you know what your doing and yet speak evil against the Holy Ghost. STOP>>>>worrying you have committed this sin because if you ever committed this sin your conscious would be seared and you would not be worried OR even care you committed it, because there would be no conviction from the Holy Ghost that your doing OR have done wrong. so feel welcome to read what i wrote in 2009 in this same forum OR feel free to E-Mail me at groverhunter1966@yahoo.com May God Bless your insight in his mighty Word Love your Brother in Christ Jesus Amen.

  22. 72
    Rev. Grover H. Hunter Says:

    To: Traver,David….my friend PLEASE hear the word’s I’m Fixing to speak to you OR anyone who may have spoken EVIL…….toward the Holy Ghost….because i say this with urgency….REPENT and seek GOD with all your heart, for we have a GOD who is full of Mercy, now I nor no one can say GOD will hear a plea of repentance of anyone who has spoken evil against his Holy Spirit, but I will say to never try is to allow yourself defeat if it be possible to find repentance for this kind of evil speaking….remember this; it is GOD who will bring all our works into judgement, but if you just allow the devil to cause you to just give up trying then you have lost the battle already !!! but I myself no matter what would seek GOD for forgiveness, then seek him with all my heart the rest of my life….then if you can’t be forgiven for what you said, then let GOD say so to your face when you stand before him on judgement day…..til then the devil could just forget trying to tell me I’m lost, and you take heart and believe that GOD Loves you and it’s not his will that any should perish but that all come to repentance…..i am now going to pray for you and any who read this and are in need for GOD to have mercy and help them. Amen !!! n o w …precious Holy father i come unto you in the mighty name of Jesus on behalf of any and all who feel they have committed this sin, knowing my LORD that they have given place to the enemy to accuse there minds and bring such a condemnation upon them that they now feel lost in great fear, so my father i come against the spirits and powers of darkness that has them bound in this thinking, for you and you alone know weather a person is really guilty of this sin, so my LORD GOD i come boldly unto the throne of grace on there behalf, asking my dear LORD that in such that have not committed this sin, that the enemy of all man be bound from accusing there minds and that thy great light might shine upon there hearts and bring them unto thy self, and placing in there hearts a drawing unto thy Holy word, that they might recover them selves from such evil speaking and turn to you for Hope and salvation threw our LORD and Saviour Jesus the Christ, for it is in his mighty name i come believing you will loose there minds now o LORD…and we give thanks unto you with all Hope and Faith toward you and thy Holy word o LORD our GOD ….Please grant it o LORD we now pray in Jesus name and for his sake we pray Amen.

  23. 73
    Rev.Grover H. Hunter Says:

    Well it seem the good Lord has led me here to this site again.for it has been a quite awhile sence i posted what the good Lord laid upon my heart to say and i was going to add another post but felt that is not what God wanted me to do, so im doing this insread, if you have feelings that you have committed the unpardonable sin or have questions or would just like to talk feel free to E-Mail me at groverhunter7@yahoo.com May God Bless Sencerely Rev.G.H.Hunter

  24. 74
    raviteja Says:

    my self raviteja i am belonging to hindu religion in india. i know the power of jesus through my friends so i converted to pray for jesus. sir i am getting very bad thinking against the jesus.but i am asking the forgiveness for jesus so please help me to stop thinking and using abuse words against the jesus . help me my soul will not go out of the world of jesus. please help me sir please mail me your answer chantiravi55@gmail.com

  25. 75
    aswanash alehim Says:

    every one who is against YH’s elder son , aswanash alehim, to yoy Imanuel, Son of Man,

    will go to hell, and his/her whole family froma a to o

    ashwel Sanh’mael will do that


  26. 76
    Jay Says:

    I have been feeling afraid for over a year and a half that during an emotional time alone that I insulted God’s spirit. I cannot get past it no matter how hard I try. Please pray for me, and my spiritual health. I have not always obeyed, but surely didn’t want to lose God, or the Holy Spirit.
    Please help. Thank you

  27. 77
    aswanash alehim Says:

    sa washna seh YH


  28. 78
    aswanash alehim Says:

    when im go to my father ta YH 2029, a big rock will hit terra, which nasa will find 2020, yoy have 16 years to decide and show which is better place hell or be with YH, and im don’t mean churches, YH is in yoyr heart or is not, yoy speak in mind only to my father YH


    aswanash alehim

  29. 79
    aswanash alehim Says:

    esh nektashne seh YH sah sah seh ma washna impaknekstah seh
    iim tan eim tane seh sah seh

    im only ask if fukushima radiation grows where is problem?

    and tanks water level is the same,

    where are meltid cores?


    Son of Man

    what yoy japans did ww2 payment day is soon like to germans


  30. 80
    aswanash alehim Says:

    im against copycats will spoke my mother language finnish


  31. 81
    Infinitigurl Says:

    any pastor on here can answer or people who understand God’s word clearly, about Mark 3:29 I really need understanding please???

  32. 82
    aswanash alehim Says:

    do pastors understand bible, no because only who can forgive sins is YH


  33. 83
    aswanash alehim Says:

    if yoy will see in a church a bleeding jesuscross, yoy will know im was there


  34. 84
    aswanash alehim Says:

    impashnektash seh alehim pashnetkas se YH
    ta ashwel Gapriel

    sah hurricane Humberto ta new york shnktash 5

    seeiim sah esh Imanuel, Son of Man, washna seh YH

    sawanesh Gabriel


  35. 85
    aswanash alehim Says:

    ma ashna YH wants to see that bankers towers are dead when hurricane strikes, and those bankers whos
    tower was flashed with sandy 2012 their family will decrease with cancer 50 % in 2 years, ashwel Sanh’mael will choose witch

    to yoy ashhole hebrew priests Sanh’mael is yoyr sanmael or sammael


  36. 86
    aswanash alehim Says:

    YH gave yoy justice,

    and yoy know which is wrong and rigth


    and how to youse it

  37. 87
    aswanash alehim Says:

    yoy presbyterians have prayers and im pray with yoy


  38. 88
    aswanash alehim Says:

    im is glad Kelly has new life, flowingfaith and algemeiner showed some and vatican cut right,

    in korah code yoy will find more soon what im has said, if they publish

    it’s the same what yoy think about me, YH sent me to against tattoo, not to german tattoish, not merkel, but which will come soon from deep see, space


    aswanash alehim

    yoy will discover from torah code aswanash alehim

    and im hope yoy presbyterian hold what YH wished

    rev 19:11-16

    only YH can for give sins


    aswanash alehim

    Son of Man

  39. 89
    aswanash alehim Says:

    Yana Hashem

    esh Yana Haslom seh tashnektanesh


  40. 90
    aswanash alehim Says:

    suomeksi sanon että toivottavasti rukoukset auttoivat sairaillle, teidän ja minun ovat samanarvoisia, YH päättää ja on oikeudenmukainen, itse haluaisin kaikkien sairaiden parantuvan


  41. 91
    aswanash alehim Says:

    im glad yoy did this

    but YH wished to sent this message

    esh ka nesh seh ma washna im anu el, tashnakeshnakes seh sahmel


    and im go now


    Son of Man

  42. 92
    aswanash alehim Says:

    yoy are with YH and im see yoy 2029 whem im go to my father , ta YH, 2029,
    and shake pope benedict, and he and yoy will see ashwelon, angel armies, one small ship on terra, because of me, and those miljons on space


    shnekta seh presbyterians

    aswanash alehim

  43. 93
    aswanash alehim Says:


    my father language

    1. sah seh im

    2.sah seh nah

    3. im sah sah

    4. shnaktesh seh impashna

    5. sah halom et halem

    6. ne sahkenash

    7.neshkanesh sahwanesh net

    8. ne sahne

    9.ne sahkeqash seh YH

    10. eshketnash sehalem


    aswanash alehim

  44. 94
    aswanash alehim Says:

    to yoy prebyterians, best church is barn,and yoy know why,im has newer been in presbyterian,babtist or orthodox or catholic churh,or hebrew or islamic…

    if im were yoyr god , im wondered what yoy are doing, when yoy was born on terra, did yoy have a bankcount, wrong color, wrong eyes color,or weight?

    YH don’t force any person to come to close, its ewery ones choise,yoy must to speak to him in yoyr inside,yoy believe or not


    Son of Man

  45. 95
    aswanash alehim Says:

    and if yoy have 2013 after july a hurricane in usa , im not alehim

    and im wish yoy have one


    aswanash alehim

  46. 96
    aswanash alehim Says:

    seh sah ashna YH sah le im


    yoy don’t know how close yoy are to YH

    Imanuel Kristo ev Eloh

  47. 97
    aswanash alehim Says:

    to Angela and others

    John 14. 16
    John 14. 25-31

    rev 19. 11-16

    im was sent against tattoo and his nation,

    the beast of bible


    Son of Man


    aswanash alehim

  48. 98
    aswanash alehim Says:

    im now yoy don’t believe me, only Kelly said she know who im is,

    but im give yoy a challence, if katla not erupt 10.10.2013 13.00 local time im not alehim

    and yoy get peace


    eshkanesh wakesnkenash seh YH

    panektanekta seh washnekta sehamel seh abraham

  49. 99
    aswanash alehim Says:



  50. 100
    aswanash alehim Says:

    sah seh sa cyclone ta new yourk, eshnektash seh sehalem seh im

    and yoy got flooding, and bad winter in colorado and every where


    aswanash alehim

    because your asshole president support greeks

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