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“We Have One Father, Even God.” by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
A New Perspective on the Mystery of God by Rich Lusk -- 2 Comments
An X File by Mark Horne
Bible Offsite Links by Mark Horne
Biblical Perspectives on Justification by Peter Leithart
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit? by Mark Horne -- 83 Comments
Correcting Two Mistakes of the Law-Gospel Hermeneutic by Mark Horne
Covenant of works? by Mark Horne
Ephesians 2.15 by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
Eschatology of Being “Born Again” by Derrick Olliff -- 2 Comments
Every Word Matters to the Story by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Flesh & Lord: Philemon 15 & 16 by Mark Horne
Gentile God-Fearers and the Jewish Rejection of the Gospel by Rich Lusk
Getting the Galatian Heresy Right by Rich Lusk -- 3 Comments
God’s Promises to the Jews by Jeffrey Meyers -- 25 Comments
God’s Righteousness and Our Justification by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Grace and Justice in Unexpected Places by Rich Lusk
Grace Apart From Sin? Luke 2.40 by Mark Horne
Gratitude or Faith? by Mark Horne
Hebrews 6:4-8: New Life & Apostasy by Rich Lusk
In the Spirit of Elijah by Mark Horne -- 6 Comments
Incarnation, Church, and New Heart by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
John 3.16 by Mark Horne -- 3 Comments
Jonah, Judaizers, & Gospel by Rich Lusk
Law and Gospel in Presbyterianism by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Living By Faith by Rich Lusk -- 1 Comment
Looking For Legalism by Derrick Olliff
Moses & Jesus: Friends or Foes? (John 1.17) by Mark Horne -- 8 Comments
N. T. Wright & Evangelical Theology by Travis Tamerius -- 38 Comments
On Forgiving Oneself: Nine Reasons Why It Can Be Appropriate by Mark Horne -- 7 Comments
Paul Discusses Galatians by Jeffrey Meyers
Paul’s Gospel & Theme in Romans by Mark Horne -- 2 Comments
Paul’s Letter to the Galatians by Derrick Olliff -- 5 Comments
Paul’s Use of the Decalogue in Ephesians 6.1-3 by Mark Horne
Perseverance from Texts in First Corinthians by Charles Hodge
Putting the New Perspective into Perspective by Rich Lusk -- 2 Comments
Righteous Before God: Luke 1.6 by John Calvin
Romans & the Role of Israel in the Atonement by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Romans and God’s Covenent Loyalty by Rich Lusk
The Art of Biblical Theology by Rich Lusk
The Christotelic Spiral by Rich Lusk -- 2 Comments
The Days of Genesis One by Mark Horne
The Extra Mile by Jeffrey Meyers -- 1 Comment
The Gospel of Deuteronomy by Mark Horne
The Gospel: The Return of the King by Derrick Olliff
The Grace of Judgment According to Works by Mark Horne
The Great Exchange by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
The Justification of the Good Samaritan by Rich Lusk -- 2 Comments
The Righteous Judge by Mark Horne
The Victory According to Mark by Mark Horne
Vine, Branches, & Fruit by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
What Is Biblical Theology? by Rich Lusk -- 12 Comments
What is the Worth of 666 Talents of Gold? by Mark Horne -- 16 Comments
What More Could I Have Done? by Rich Lusk
What Saint Paul Should Have Said (offsite) by Tim Gallant
Where Is Paul’s Gospel Summarized? by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Why Side with the Sadducees? by Mark Horne -- 1 Comment
Works of Flesh and Fruit of Spirit by Jeffrey Meyers -- 1 Comment
Wright on Romans by Rich Lusk -- 4 Comments