More Thoughts on Community

So I continue thinking about what it means to have community in the church.  I am trying to challenge myself to be more outward facing with other Christians as a bit of a start in my own little world.

I came across a couple good articles that are worth reading on this topic:

Bowling Alone at Church

Alone in the Church

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Jennifer Horne is a mom to 4 children and wife to one husband (thank God!). She enjoys laughing at her overly dramatic offspring, correcting her family's speech, and wasting time on the internet. Her blog serves as a chronicle of her family life and random thoughts that she deems worthy of a post.
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2 Responses to More Thoughts on Community

  1. Ruth/Mom says:

    I love the new design…and especially the family pic at the top!

    Of course, you already know I appreciated this blog post as well!

    • Jennifer says:


      Thanks. I want to find another picture better for the size of the banner, but I thought this one was good in a pinch.

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