Look Out Folks!

He wears Thomas pants, carries a purse and loves his HoneyDude. His name is Jonathan and he is making waves around the Horne household.

As Jonathan is our middle child, I am perhaps more concerned about making certain he is not lost somewhere between the oldest and the youngest. So I try to encourage and applaud his progress where I can. He is a delightful little boy who is passionate about everything he does. This entry will be devoted to chronicling some of his newest interests, accomplishments and cute little sayings which made us giggle.

For the past couple weeks Jonathan has worked very hard at learning to use the potty. His promised reward? The coveted Thomas the tank engine underpants purchased at “The Target” which he now wears proudly (and keeps dry!!). We are very excited about his progress in this area and think he is doing stupendously!

Given his older sister’s collections of things girlie, Jonathan has shown an interest in toys and pasttimes outside the realm of “normal” boy interests. Just as Abigail loves to play with trains and cars and the like, Jonathan finds that wearing big floppy hats and carrying gold lame handbags is just part of being a kid. To hear him exclaim, “Wait, I forgot my purse!” before we head somewhere in the car gives his Daddy fits but I find it rather amusing.

Earlier in the week we had a new kind of melon with our supper. The kids really enjoyed it; we usually have cantaloupe or watermelon around here so this green version was a nice change. But imagine our surprise when Jonathan politely asked, “Please have more honeyDUDE!!”

Tonight as I was singing him his requisite “Five Little Ducks” song before I tucked him in, I have to admit I sort of cheated and went from “5” to “3” to “1”. It was late and the kids should’ve been in bed much earlier but we attended a church service tonight and so returned home past their bedtime. Anyway, as I was singing my abridged version of his bedtime song and neared the end, he interrupted me with “Mommy, can you please sing ALL the ducks?” Smart kid.

Everyone’s a Critic!

A bit earlier today, I was changing Jonathan’s diaper before his afternoon nap. I happened to be singing something to him (as I often do around here!) when he interrupted me in midsong with,

“Please don’t sing Mommy…it give me bad dreams.”

Incredulous, I replied, “Oh, don’t worry Jonathan, I don’t think my singing will cause you to have bad dreams.” And continued on with my song….

To which he insisted, “No, Mommy, please don’t sing anymore…I don’t want the bad dreams!”

Tough crowd around here!!

Cries in the Night

A few nights ago, I was awakened from a sound sleep around 2:30am by moans. “Mommy, Mommy!” said the monitor under our north facing bedroom windows. That’s Jonathan’s monitor (if you recall from an earlier post, we have three child monitors in our bedroom.)

I made my way upstairs and found Jonathan sitting up in his bed, waiting expectantly for me. When I asked him what was wrong, he replied, “Mommy, sing The Ducks!”

Background: each night, last thing before we say goodnight to him, either Jay or I sing him the song, “Five Little Ducks”.
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I Stay In My Big Boy Bed!!

Is the cheery little announcement I hear each morning when I open the door to Jonathan’s room. There he sits, looking very tiny in the midst of his “big boy bed”, waiting patiently for Mommy or Daddy to get him up.

Even though we welcomed a new baby in July, we felt it was a bit early to move Jonathan out of his crib and into a big boy bed. Besides his age, there were so many other essential changes due to the arrival of a baby brother and already it was a rather rough time for Jonathan, who was still very much a baby himself!

Some kind friends of ours graciously loaned their lovely crib for us to use upstairs, since Nicolas would need the nursery crib. Thank you, Omases!! For 12 months now Jonathan has slept happily in their crib. We set up a twin bed in his new room, in addition to the crib. Several visitors have been able to use it when they stayed over at the house, but for the most part it has been decorative in nature, as well as a comfy place to pile on together for book reading times.

Not anymore! A couple of weeks ago Jonathan made a comment about how he’d like to go sleep in the bed in his room. Jay and I said something about “soon” and we left it at that thinking it might be a passing wish. But when Jonathan persisted we relented and last week I put him in bed for his nap in the big boy bed. Which he promptly climbed out of within about 5 minutes. We had a “talk” and I put him back in his crib. Next day he again requested the bed. We talked again about how we cannot jump out of our bed whenever we wish*** and that we must wait till Mommy comes to get us out, etc.

And, to our surprise and delight, he stayed! And has done beautifully for over a week now. When he wakes up, he reads his books or plays with his animals until we open the door. How nice to have a smooth transition to a new stage of life!

I have learned something from this little experience: instead of us choosing when something new would happen, Jonathan clearly indicated a desire to make the change himself, and though it wasn’t his first inclination to actually stay put in the bed, he seemed to have the desire to follow through with our parameters (ie, having to stay in the bed to keep the privilege) in order to remain in the big boy bed. And he is quite proud of his accomplishment.
***Some of you may wonder at our insistence that Jonathan stay put in his bed till we give him the “all clear” to get up. It has been our experience that children don’t always know when it is time to get up and if we tell them they may get up and play whenever they wake, their day may well start around 5am or other such ridiculously early hour. In addition, it is helpful to know that in general, we need not fear the preschoolers are wandering the halls, potentially getting themselves into some sort of trouble or accident. This is perhaps of greater importance now that we have stairs since they could get hurt if trying to navigate them in the dark. But even before we lived in a two-story home, we asked Abigail to remain in her bed till we got her up. She still does this, but since she is a lot bigger, she knows to get up and use the bathroom, for instance, if she needs and then head back to bed to either rest or read for a few minutes more.

Jonathan’s First Shiner

Though I hesitate to write another entry on bodily injury, this one really does merit highlighting. First, some background:

Jonathan is in the midst of an interesting new phase of life: potty training. Though his attitude toward the whole thing does wax and wane depending on his mood, he has now proven his ability to stay dry during the better part of a week. Satisfied with that accomplishment, he is back in the “I will go to the potty when I feel like it” phase. Given he just recently turned two, I think he is doing beautifully, and we are giving him his space on this one.

Well, Monday before his nap, he felt the need to visit the potty and so off he trotted. He did quite well until it came time to climb down when he tripped on his little stepstool (Jonathan is quite short and this particular stool has two levels on it) and fell into the side of the bathtub, eye first.

IMG_1132_small.jpgPoor Jonathan!! He hit just outside the corner of his eye and the area swelled up immediately and turned a pale shade of blue, then a darker shade of blue, then purple. All in about two minutes of time. I know it hurt him terribly, for he cried much longer than he normally would over a “bump”. After comforting him as best I could I made the call to my wonderful pediatric nurse (this was the worst “owie” we’d yet encountered in our 4+ years of parenting) who gave me the ins and outs of this type of injury, what to watch for, etc. Jonathan very sweetly submitted to my ministrations to his eye: icing the injured area while he lay very still in my arms, sucking on a “sticky lollipop” as he calls them.

Three days later my baby boy looks as though someone hauled off and punched him right in the eye. It has turned all various shades of purple, green, red and yellow. We get quite a few curious looks when we are out and about as well as many questions regarding the cause of the injury.

It is hard not to kick myself over this whole thing since I was with Jonathan in the bathroom and right there as he fell (he’s navigated the potty/stool successfully many times). Perhaps this is an early example of Mom not being able to be available to prevent all falls, bumps, bruises, etc. At any rate, we are being very careful with his tender little eye and trying to give extra hugs and kisses to our sweet Jonathan.

Jonathan’s Twinkin

Warning: blog content of a questionable nature follows!

Abigail and Jonathan love watching Barney’s Great Adventure. We’ve rented it from Blockbuster a couple times, and they will sit and watch it basically as much as we will allow. For those of you who don’t know, the plot revolves around recovering a magic egg which finally hatches at the end of the movie to introduce a new character, Twinkin. I’ve never actually lasted long enough in my viewings of the movie with the children to see the hatching for myself, but Tricia tells me that a fuzzy little character named Twinkin does indeed come out of the egg.

The other day Jonathan (who just turned two) was sitting down in his towel, having just gotten out of the bath. Tricia and I were in the room getting ready to dress him and Abigail (also just out of the bath). Okay, this next part is, ahem, delicate. He was showing keen interest in a particular part of his body and was apparently pushing and prodding things because he suddenly looked up and said, “My Twinkin! Twinkin out of egg!”

I’ll end this entry here. How can I follow up on such a pronouncement?

Cliff Notes

A short story from Mommy Swap*.

All the kids were gathered around the table for snack time. As several of the kids (mostly 4 and 5) had recently learned the Lord’s Prayer, they each insisted on praying it, one after another. At the end, my son Jonathan (22 months) also insisted on praying. He said (as he often does at home), “Our Father, art in heaven, hallowed be thy name… Amen!” He then looked up at the Mommy standing next to him and explained, “Short one!”

* Mommy Swap is a group of 6 moms (Tricia included) who take turns watching each other’s children each Wednesday morning.

Jonathan’s Explanation

I went upstairs this afternoon to get Jonathan out of his bed after his nap. As is the usual case, the entire contents of his crib were strewn about on the floor. One of his favorite pasttimes is throwing every stuffed animal, blankie, etc out of the crib. Unfortunately, today his diaper was among the discarded items on the floor. His overalls were askew, there was a wet spot on his sheet, and when I asked, “What did you do?” he said, “Diaper broken….silly!!!” and smiled sweetly.

We had been in the habit of duct-taping his diapers shut at naptime and during the night because he kept taking them off. However, we have been thinking lately that he’s moved past that little stage, and so stopped using the tape. Guess we were wrong. Back out comes the tape!!!